1st Trimester

Dull ache in the lower part of belly

hey ladies, I'm 7wks +5 and tonight I've started getting an ache in the lower part of my stomach.. just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I've been Christmas shopping all day so just wondering if I've done too much or if it's something more serious.. x

Re: Dull ache in the lower part of belly

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    Sounds like RLP, normal 
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    yup normal growing pains it sounds like
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    I've had that dull ache since week 5! I was so worried about it I went in at 5.5 weeks for blood work and a US and everything was fine. My Dr. said that feeling is perfectly normal. I do find that it gets a little worse after I go for a run so I've been trying to take it easy. Breath easy, momma, it's probably just your little bean growing!
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    I’m having this at 9 weeks. I feel wierd like things are moving and a little pressure. And so it begins!!!
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