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Can anyone help me understand what I'm looking at here? Haha this is 6 weeks 4 days & I know the two measurement points are crown and rump but I'm not quite sure what the rest of my baby blob is! 

(This is also my first post so if there is anything special I need to do as far as an introduction post or something could someone tell me how?) 
Thank you! 

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    1. First step s going to be to log into the Knot and change your username. There's like a million knotties and it's impossible to keep track of who is who.

    2. The 1st Tri board isn't super active, so if you'd like to find a community, I'd suggest introing on your birth month board. 

    3. Most people here aren't trained sonographers so we don't really know what we're seeing in ultrasounds either unless a pro tells us. The white between the CRL points is the embryo and yolk sac, the black is the gestational sac. That's about as much info as you're likely to get. At your next appointment, I'm sure your provider can give you more details. 
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    There isn’t much to see, the baby basically is a tiny tadpole blob. That changes really fast, though. If you get an ultrasound closer to the end of first Tri it looks more like a mini baby. Right now it has a tail.
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