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What's everyone doing for your LO's second birthday?  We're going out of town the weekend before for a cousin's baby's first birthday party. 
I have absolutely no ideas for a party for Zack and am thinking maybe we'll just do a small family thing the next weekend, but I feel like I should come up with something fun for him.

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  • We're planning a bigish party with kids and adults: 2nd birthday and happy new year type thing with appetizers and drinks.  We did that last year for baby's 1st birthday and it was a lot of fun.  We've moved countries so last year it was a nice way to get all the ppl we had met together before we left too and this year it will be a nice way to strengthen some new friendships :) 
  • We are going to have a sledding party at my parents. He's having a dispicable me party cause he's loving all things minions right now.  
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  • Money is so tight for us considering my son turned 3 last week, Christmas is next week, and Brynlee's birthday is 2 weeks later. I think until the kids get into school, it's just going to be small family get togethers. We did a big first birthday party for reach, but since then, it's just been us, my parents, and occasionally a family friend. I have a feeling, she's probably going with a Paw Patrol theme, just like her brother (eye roll). My house is like a Paw Patrol museum... Thank goodness for Skye and Everest, right? 
  • We are the only couple in our group with friends. Claire has a couple friends and we have become friends with the parents but until shes only enough to understand birthdays we just do family things. She had a few cousins around her age so thats good enough. We will do a minnie mouse family party. My dads bday is a few days after hers and my FIL and Claire share a birthday so last year we did two seperate parties. One for her and my dad and one for her and my FIL. It worked out great. Will probably do the same this year. 
  • We're just doing a party at home with about 15 people from our family. It's going to be Sesame Street themed since that is her favorite show.
  • So my husband and I wanted to have a big party, however my MIL is visiting at moment (for 5 weeks!) and I feel like she won't be into it...  The other day I had 2 moms with their kids over and she stayed in her room and complained how loud and misbehaved the kids that came were (I don't think they were...  MIL is not exposed to kids often).  I'm wondering whether to have the party anyway, or whether to do it once MIL is gone, problem is I can't do it the week after so it would mean waiting 3 weeks after the actual birthday.  I wanted the party to also be a way to celebrate the new year, is it strange to send an invite saying come celebrate DD's 2nd and ring in the new year if the party is end Jan?
  • DH is going to be gone for DS’s birthday, plus I’m going to be 37.5 weeks pregnant and we just moved to a new area. We will do cupcakes and hang out, but nothing super special. I figure this is the last time I can get away with not doing anything big before he knows what he’s missing.
  • We just decided yesterday to do DD's and SD's birthdays as a joint party at the local children's museum.  DD's bday is Jan 7th and SD's is Jan 9th.  We said we weren't going to do a big party, and we said that we weren't ever going to combine their bdays.  But our house is too small for a party and we didn't want to make our family have to come to two parties. After Christmas there is nothing that they need or want for presents so the party is the present.  We're also just keeping the guest list to immediate family and just one family friend.   
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