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  • @acunamatada you just made my day! That is hilarious!!!
  • @acunamatada bahahahahahahaha, definitely a laugh for the day!!! Poor thing!

    We're going on a hunting trip next week and I'm pretty excited (I don't hunt, just along for the ride) this weekend will be extremely busy getting ready to leave. 9 days of vacation

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  • Ugh. My doctor lied and the results of the genetic tests aren't ready today after all. I wish he had just said "next week" and not " Thursday or Friday". I know it's silly but I was looking forward to having them before the weekend. Oh well! Onwards and upwards! @zombiehoohaa that's great to hear about your mom. You needed it! I'll have to look into maternity jeans. Got some maternity leggings at Gap and they are very comfortable!
  • One thing i hate about CO is being around people who smell like pot. I can’t stand the smell it’s like bad BO to me. I’m on my home on the train right now and surrounded my kids that reek of it. Can’t stand it!
    ok vent over 
  • Ugh. My doctor lied and the results of the genetic tests aren't ready today after all. I wish he had just said "next week" and not " Thursday or Friday". I know it's silly but I was looking forward to having them before the weekend. Oh well! Onwards and upwards! @zombiehoohaa that's great to hear about your mom. You needed it! I'll have to look into maternity jeans. Got some maternity leggings at Gap and they are very comfortable!
    These jeans are COMFY!!! Definitely recommend Old Navy Maternity jeans!!! I bought some maternity leggings as well, however, my tummy isn't ready for them yet...need to grow. lol

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  • @zombiehoohaa yes, they fit perfectly on my legs but the belly band is enormous, however I've been folding it down! So they are wearable now:)
  • @comealongponds Whaaaaaaaatttt??? Crazy deal!
  • @comealongponds that is amazing!!!! 
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  • @acunamatada  that literally made me crack up laughing. Poor kid! Lol

    @zombiehoohaa what a sweet story. And you guys needed some happy right now. Glad to hear it  :)

    @wildtot cigarette smoke (especially the stale kind on heavy smokers) is a huge nausea trigger for me right now, so I can totally relate. And unfortunately, working in a large hospital, I smell it a LOT. Ugh).

    @kissableviv I saw on the Sex thread that you did end up getting your results after all. Congratulations on the baby BOY!! 

    @comealongponds that’s a serious good deal!! 

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  • I am enjoying a relaxing morning on the couch with my little sweet pea and my fur baby watching Trolls and Trolls Holiday. We have plans to go to library later and maybe run to Walmart and other than that we are doing NOTHING today. I am super excited about it! Thinking about maybe taking him to one of those Christmas light displays later. He’s 5 so I feel like he would love it. 
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
  • Anyone else on progesterone shots?  Well, apparently I found out that you can get an infection from using the same spot on the same leg over and over... I feel like such an idiot :( I really do think it's because I had to order from a different company though who doesn't use the same solution, but who knows.
  • @stlmegs sounds like the perfect day! I am taking a friend to lunch for her birthday then we have a Christmas party tonight...last one, thankfully! I plan to be lazy tomorrow! Thanks for the congratulations, we are excited! Most importantly the markers for genetic issues are all clear so that's reassuring. We know lots can still go wrong, but I feel like I can finally enjoy the pregnancy now.
  • I have my work Christmas party tonight (dinner at a co workers house and then hatchet throwing!) and I’m super bummed I have to go by myself. Our Christmas parties are always so much fun, and dh loves them, but dinner is at 5 and he works until like 7. So, I’m going with DS! I’m just going to skip the hatchet throwing because I don’t want to go alone. :/
  • djh513 said:
    I took a half day off work. Home alone. Just ate lunch. Getting ready to go lay down for a nap without an alarm set. I have been waiting for this ALL WEEK. 
    This sounds amazing!  Good for you mama!!
  • @Crystal321 oh no! that's awful! that is suprising to me too when you consider people donate plasma in the exact same spot and ofteb don't get an infection. Don't feel bad I would have done the exact same thing! 

    @paytonpedro hope dinner was still fun!! sorry you have miss hatchrt throwing though and DH cant come
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  • this is how stupid emotional I am today went to see Star Wars after work and started crying just as it started and at almost all the previews which is just so ridiculous haha
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  • I was FINE for the last week, and now MS is back with a vengeance. And always at dinner. I'm hungry!
  • Also, I'm so mad/disappointed/disgusted. We loved Top Gear and I don't know of my tolerance is down or if their ignorant mysogyny is up, but I can't hang with Grand Tour. SO MANY jokes at each other at women's expense, the LGBT-phobic humor, and poor comments about 9/11, and I'm only two episodes in. I can't hang. I told The Man if he keeps watching and supporting them I'll be severely disappointed in him. 
  • christycalifornia said:
    I was FINE for the last week, and now MS is back with a vengeance. And always at dinner. I'm hungry!
    Same here! I didn't sleep well/much last night and have been running around all day, and I've been queasy all afternoon/evening 
  • Ugh our tree is starting to try out :disappointed:
    Apparently I’m not intended to party anymore. I feel like i got hit by a train after our holiday parties yesterday. Stayed up up past bed time only to wake to a crying toddler 3 hrs later. So tried and sore. So much to cleaning day! 
  • So I had planned to tell my mom next weekend when we tell my husbands parents but I HAD to unexpectedly tell her yesterday. I woke up from a nap with abdominal pains so severe I could barely move and couldn’t stand up straight. I had to get my husband to help me do anything. I took a warm bath and felt somewhat better but needed my mom to come stay with me because my husband had to leave and I needed someone in case I had to go to the hospital. Not an ideal way to have to tell her but I’m glad she knows now. I called the doctor on call and he thought it was gas pains and gave me some ways to help. I’m so relieved to tell y’all after taking some gas x and finally pooping (sorry TMI) I felt so much better. Who knew gas pains could cause that much trouble!?! It was probably the worse pain I’ve ever felt (first baby so I’ve never given birth. I’m sure that will be worse  :s)
  • Hubby and I have colds, mine is a bit worse than his. I am learning that having a cold when you're pregnant sucks, but hot water with lemon and honey is helping my cough. Glad I could shop online this weekend, and that the two holiday parties I was supposed to go to were canceled (also due to illness on the part of the hosts) 'cuz I don't feel like doing very much--something's going around where I live!
  • my pelvis feels bruised!!! ugh work was not kind to me this weekend! but dd and dh are home again and tatertot hot dish in the often and cornbread muffins made. If I'm going to be in pain I am going to have some delicious comfort food 
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  • I'm watching The Business of Being Born and just randomly bursted into tears watching a woman giving birth in a birthing tub. My poor DH was so confused by how sudden the whole thing was.
  • @kissableviv That’s super brave to watch so early!! I’ve decided to live in denial as long as I can so I don’t freak myself out. I am SUCH a baby. I was pre-med 3 years of college and had to switch bc I couldn’t get over passing out & puking at ‘gross’ stuff!
  • @pretzellover I know! Well, I'm trying to finish my pre and post natal yoga certification and this was a requirement. Nothing I had not already seen in other documentaries but it is much more intense now. Also made is realize we need to go take a good look at the hospital and get some numbers because we live in an expensive area and this hospital my doctor delivers at is like the Cedar-Sinai of orange county, aka EXPENSIVE! We don't live in a "posh" area at all but this happens to be 5 min from home and I really like my doctor. So much to do and think about! Also definitely made me wonder about all the drugs and unnecessary interventions but I'm sure I'll go back and forth about a lot of stuff in the next 7 months!
  • It’s 5 am and i just remember that we were supposed to meet up with a potential new sitter yesterday! Ugh i was so out of it with all the cleaning i totally forgot. Hope she is still available!
  • @kissableviv I think the fact you’re thinking through all the details is much healthier than my avoidance! Especially if you’re facing cedar-sinai level bills (I lived in LA for 7 years and had surgery there once; so much $$!!).
    A good friend at work is 8w ahead of me and thinks its hilarious how oblivious I am. Maybe im still a bit skeptical that all is well and my 12/28 nuchal will help... FX
  • @pretzellover you know what, ignorance is bliss. I'm trying to find a happy medium. I don't think I want to know too much, but I want to make sure I explore options. I'm a hypochondriac so I need to be careful...but I feel like after my 10w appointment I've been a lot more relaxed and I'm kind of ready to take things one day at a time and accept what I can't control...very yogi of me lol. Sometimes too much knowledge is not that good I think.
  • dimeadozendimeadozen member
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    I’ve quickly read through the past fews days but sorry I don’t have time to respond! I’m traveling for family vacation but most excitingly today, my sister in law and brother in law are adopting the boy they’ve been fostering for 2 years! 
    Excited to catch back up next week when I get back home, miss talking to all of you!
    eta words 
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  • @gspmom21 how wonderful!!! miss you too!! have a great holiday! 
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  • @gspmom21 glad to know everything is okay! It's all good to take a break while travelling! We can't wait to see you when you get back!
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