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gifts for invitees at bday parties?

starting to think of planning our daughters 2nd birthday party and was wondering: is it common / expected to have gifts for the kids you invite over?  Some (not all) of the recent birthday parties we went too, the parents handed out little gift bags to anyone who came...  I personally don't like the idea so much (usually the stuff handed out is cheap and nothing anyone wants anyway, also we live in a place with not much shopping options for party favors and we were thinking of having a large party and I'd rather focus on nice food and drinks than pricy but cheap quality trinkets to give away...).  I don't want to offend anyone if I'm not handing out a plastic toy to each kid though...  What are your thoughts/experience with this?  Or alternatively ideas for things to provide if it is a must?

Re: gifts for invitees at bday parties?

  •  I think, in general, other moms don’t want those little cheap trinkets either.  I did just go to a recent two-year-old birthday party and got a little goodie bag. It had candy (probably left over from Halloween.) But it had those tiny little plastic bottles of bubbles! Evelyn loves those, and I would consider that a good “gift” if you end up going that route. 
  • I would say its 50/50 here but I’m totally the same way. I don’t really care if she gets a loot bag or not. I don’t think anyone would be offended. You could go a craft or something that they do at the party and take home if you really want but I really don’t think its necessary..
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  • I honestly didnt even think of it .. 
  • Cool, thanks for the input.  We'll prob skip then... @krrpe99 I like those little bubbles too but unfortunately can't find them locally and feel if I order online they may not get on time, I'd also like to minimize the online shopping and try to keep local...  Thanks for the suggestion though !
  • Last year, our goody bags were a small tub of play-doh, a packet of hot chocolate, and an applesauce cup. I hate those cheap plastic toys. I'd rather have something consumable.
    This year, we're just going to have cake after church with our friends in our small group. There are about 10 kids all under 6 and their parents. Last year I planned this huge party, and then we had a huge ice storm and only 2 kids showed up, and about 6 local adults. None of my family was able to come.
  • We're doing a purple theme this year so we'll be giving out purple play dough as favors 
  • @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you can normally find tiny bubbles in the wedding section of stores, I just got some at walmart. 
  • @kodariah I don't live in the US at the moment so no such stores for us but thanks for the tip.

     We just had our daughter's birthday party yesterday and it was a blast.  People left at different times and I don't think anyone expected a party favor or seemed disappointed about not having one.  To a few people we gave a box or bag with cookies and snacks from the party to bring home as a goodie bag.  Also we didn't open gifts yet.  I think a large part of the party favors are so other kids don't feel left out or jealous when gift time comes.  The past few birthday parties we went to, the kids didn't open the gifts during the party and I think that makes sense and takes off a bit of pressure...  Now I can't wait for DD to wake up to see all the goodies she got :) 
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