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  • It really is @radiantfate - we took a 3 month mental break over the summer so when we got back to it in Sept I was putting forth all that effort again and it was making me more negative and stressed.  I think OPKs are helpful for those that have unpredictable cycles but for very predictable cycles like myself I really have no use for them.
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  • @vlagrl29 He’s on Doxycycline and Clavamox. Also I took him to the vet this morning even though the rescue said to wait it out, got some more Doxy and a cough suppressant for night time. Last night he just sounded so awful I couldnt think about him suffering another night like that. He’s been sleeping great today and I just Couldn’t leave him after the vet so took another day off of work lol. I’m taking off tomorrow as well. 
    @Labluver2 You gave it your best shot doll! You’re amazing! I am hoping with every last fiber of my being this happens naturally for you!

    As for this little man, I couldnt stop crying on tue night about him.. like UGLY TEARS!! I didn’t show H immediately because like I said this happens often that I cry For these dogs who are going to be euthanized, but he looked at him and said he looks so sad,we can’t let him have a sad life and just die like this, so i contacted a rescue who would pull him and i went and got him myself! The papers say he’s about 10 but in reality he’s probably closer to 12. I cried this morning leaving him Bc it was his first day here and I didn’t want him to be scared. They want me to keep him and my other dog separate for 10 more days, which I’m sure my mom will not be happy with lol. I techincally could keep them in separate rooms but I just Don’t see that working.

    OH BTW STILL HAVENT GOTTEN AF! Sooooo it’s actually looking like my ER very well may be on Christmas if It’s still not here tomorrow and they need to give me something to make it happen that’ll mean fri I go in for BW and U/S.
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  • vlagrl29vlagrl29 member
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    Hope your AF comes soon @ndz2018

    i don't regret waiting until Jan for an RE consultation - I'm already feeling busier cause of the season. I'm still hoping for a miracle in the next 2 months. Got all my thoughts going out into the universe about this. A yoga friend wants to buy violin lessons for her husband for Xmas in a gift certificate. $400 worth - I'm putting it into savings with our little bit of tax refund. There will be $900 in savings for RE funds if needed. That should get us started nicely.
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  • ndz2018ndz2018 member
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    @vlagrl29 My luck my ER is gonna be on Christmas Day lol! That’s awesome about your RE savings fund!!! You should definitely shop around to REs and price each one near you to see what they charge for consultations, BW and U/S.
  • There is only 1 in our area @ndz2018

    and it's at the hospital where my new OB will be. I've called a couple places and they are all around same amount. I'm just hoping the fertility tests I've already done is good enough. If not I'll have to get them done at quest for any code other than IF or it will cost us $1500. No Bueno!
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  • @vlagrl29 I really hope they can use the tests you’ve already done!
  • @ndz2018 - if not they will just have to code it as something that can be covered or I just pay a cash price outside of insurance that is cheap and I'm talking less than $200 lol.  It's nothing to worry about now because it's not currently happening.  DH and I had said we would set a price of how much we were willing to spend on medicated cycles and once we reach that number we will just stop.  I'm sure we will discuss that number once we get all the info from their billing dept on all the costs and options.  Not going to lie lots of good thoughts and prayers in my head multiple times a week.  I would rather use that money for hard wood floors lol!

    BTW - how is the dog doing?  It's awesome you took time off work to care for him.
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  • @Labluver2 If I remember correctly, don’t you have 6 doggies? Trust me , if I could I would take them all home with me! How old is your MiMi now? Breaks my heart when i hear stories like that but warms it to know people like you exist who are willing to rehabilitate a sick , abused animal!  
  • @ndz2018 yep 6 and I would have more but DH says no until the two older ones pass. I want an English lab. Mimi came into our Rescue the end of December last year her name is Miracle (Mimi) bc we got her 2 days before Xmas. She was in foster care down there for a week until transport could go get here and then she came here. Once she was seen at the vet she came to me. We are guessing she's about 2 and a half now. I fostered a dog that had kennel cough only one of my dogs got it mildly but they get the booster every year. My foster had it bad bc he wasn't vaccinated he sounded like a good honking. We did cough tabs and Robitussin and it helped.
  • @Labluver2 I think I’m going to get robitussin tonight. He seemed a tad uncomfortable last night, idk if he was hot or uncomfortable or what. I got Up at 245am and took him out to pee. The only thing he’s eating is liverwaurst and I don’t want to keep giving it to him as it’s so high in fat! Think I’ll try some ground beef and rice today. 
  • So called the nurse today.. I’ll be going in tomorrow morning for BW and U/S to see WTF is going on in there!! She said if it’s baseline we may just be able to start and I might’ve skipped a cycle ... which to me is odd and if not I’m assuming they’re going to give me something to get it moving! I’m nervous that if we wait to
    long for it to naturally come my surgery will get in the way of my egg retrieval so I need this done before Jan 8th!!
  • @ndz2018 - Sorry AF hasn't come.  Mine always comes so I'm no help.  I do know they can jump start it with meds if need be.  Were you TTC naturally this cycle?  Can't remember.

    I've been researching foods high in zinc.  I remember my doctor telling me to eat more of those types of foods.  It helps with the T3 production.
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  • @vlagrl29 mine is normally right on time as well like clockwork. Like you I normally ovulate a little later Somewhere between CD14 and 17 but closer to 17. With doing the medicated cycle and stimulating my follicals and bringing on ovulation earlier my cycle was 24 days instead of around 28 to 30. I'm not sure if it will go back to normal so for the next few months I will bbt and use opk just to see. Prob sex every other day after AF ends and maybe everyday during fertile week. 
  • @vlagrl29 and @Labluver2 So went for blood work on U/S this morning. She said it looks like I may have just ovulated and my uterus lining is thick, which means it looks like I’m in the middle of my cycle and I could’ve just ovulated.. she may have to start me on provera for a few days and when I stop I should get it! I’m all like THIS IS CYCLE DAY 38 AND I JUST OVULATED WTF?!?!?   :/
  • @vlagrl29 We couldn’t TTC naturally because of the rubella shot and honestly with that septum in there I’m not trying to mess around. 
  • @ndz2018 wow that's crazy!!!! Hopefully they get it figured out soon. Is this going to mess up when ER is?
  • Woah that's late ovulation!

    dh was too tired last night which is fine and we were in bed talking about how I wonder if a baby will ever happen and by the end of our convo dh suddenly got in the mood so staying on schedule!
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  • @ndz2018 Holy late ovulation!! I swear the more ready we are to get things started, our body starts playing tricks on us.  :# 
    TTC #1 since April 2015
    June 2016 - CP
    2017 - Medicated Cycles & IUI's
    IVF w/ PGS  - January 2018
    FET #1 - April 2018 - BFN
    ERA Cycle May / June 2018
    ERA Biopsy June 2018 ~ Results: receptive (no change)
    FET #2 - July 2018 - BFP <3 Beta #1 - 137 Beta #2 - 410
    U/S #1 7wk1d - HB 144 U/S #2 9w1d HB 166
    Anatomy Scan 1st 11/2/18 2nd AS 11/19
    EDD March 28, 2019
    Baby Girl born 3/26/19  <3

  • I KNOW!! This is insane to me!
  • SOOO wow what a hell of roller coaster ride the last hour has been! My nurse called to tell me they’re gonna start me on provera and we have to push my surgery back so it doesn’t interfere with the ER. Super bummer obviously!! She said it could take up to a week to get my period on it. So sad and almost on the verge of tears I ran to the supermarket to pick up a few things for the dog. I felt a lil something down there but chalked it up to getting the ultrasound this morning and went on shopping and came back to work. Well I wiped and there was the tiniest bit of blood. I feel Super crampy, I am OVERDUE, so this has gotta be it! But I dont Know could it be from the ultrasound this morning? I called Her back but got the voicemail. She did tell me that all my blood work was baseline. I mean this has gotta be it! It was just such a small amount I’m a little nervous that it’s just from her poking around in there with the wand.
  • ndz2018ndz2018 member
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    Meds ordered, going for CD 3 blood work on Sunday , and will start my meds on Sunday!
  • @ndz2018 YESSS! Happy AF dance!

    It's crazy out there - I had to run a ton of errands today and everyone is out shopping for xmas myself included.  I'm happy to say I'm pretty much done with all my shopping.  Only a few gift cards to get.  I'll do that on Monday then have a gift wrapping party with myself on Tuesday!
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  • ndz2018ndz2018 member
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    @vlagrl29  Luckily we are only getting each other the $5,200  we just spent in PGS, biopsy and cryo lol! I mean I got him a few small things but that’s it! My mom, my niece and bro/SIL  are the only people we need to get something for this year. And the dogs  :D
  • Let the fun begin! 
  • Oh my word thats a lot of meds!
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  • Thats not even all of it @vlagrl29

    ugh brought the little guy to the vet this morning. $399 :/
  • @ndz2018 aww poor guy what's wrong with him? Doesnt the rescue who is going to take him help pay for vet bills? The one I foster for pays for everything. Food vet bills what ever they need.
  • Gauge Mimi and Benelli I just figured out how to post pictures
  • This is Monsti my Chihuahua he was a bottle baby I've had since he was 3 days old.
  • @Labluver2 OHHH MY GOD!! I love them all!!! when I told her I was taking him to the vet she send me a 501(c)(3) certifiate which pretty much means whatever i spend I tax deductible? I don’t know. this is the first time I’ve ever done this. I thought they paid for everything, I mean We spoke before hand and I agreed to feed him and foster him. I also Told her that I could cover the cost of a vet visit which is $55. But today I was a lil taken back by how expensive it was. I know That people pledged money to save him from being euthanized so I’m assuming that goes to his care? I’m gonna ask her about that right now! 
  • I just snap chatted a photo of me and the pup while she was perched on my shoulder.

    star  wars was great guys! We saw it today.

    My mind is having a hard time staying constantly strong and positive lately. It's just harder now that we are near the anniversary of loss. I'm not sure why it's taking longer this time around. It took 6 months to get preg with the loss and now we are on month 11.
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  • @vlagrl29 it's so hard to stay positive. Tho I try I sometimes find myself thinking I'm just not ment to have kids. We've been trying for 4 years not even one BFP 6 failed IUIs I'm going to be 39 in June and what little hope and faith I have is running out. I'm sure that's why I have so many dogs to fill the void. 
  • @ndz2018 if money was pledged for him than yes that should go for his care. Rescues are all different but most will at least pay for vet care if it's done at thier vet or approved by them. What did he have done? 
  • Yes I agree @Labluver2 it's harder this month for me because of the anniversary. Whew can't wait till New Years! I just need to keep faith. It's hard because this time last year we were telling DD she would be a big sis and here we are a year later and I'm noticing how much more she's grown and time is flying right by me. Hope we all get babies next year fx!
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  • @vlagrl29 I’m so sorry you’re struggling. I cant Imagine, we’ll kinda can as i had a loss but it almost felt as if my loss was meant to be bc I was so young and dumb. Try to see the good in life these next few weeks, think about how happy your DD will be on Christmas morning. Thats gotta be a delightful sight! 

    @Labluver2  the visit, bloodwork, got a shot with antibiotics and steroids, and antibiotic to take home oh and codeine cough syrup. It wouldn’t have been so bad but the blood work was $289, i told him to check his kidneys , for diabetes(he’s been drinking a lot of water. Makes me nervous) and told him to run to check whatever else he thinks he may think he needs as we have no history on him at all.  Also she did tell me to take him over to the vet Bc I told I was worried about him. 
  • I woke up today with sinus drainage and a slight sore throat.  Took a mucinex then it dawned on me to take echinatia.  Then I googled to see if it helps to increase white blood cells and it does.  So I'm adding it to my supplements.
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  • @vlagrl29 How many supplements is that now? :D
  • Girl 2 more plus the vitamin C lol.  But I'm taking 8 less a day than I was.  She didn't need me on those sugar levlling pills anymore.  Anything that can help us conceive naturally before spending $$.    BD tonight plus preseed insert :)
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  • ndz2018ndz2018 member
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    @vlagrl29 Get it girl!

    BTW the rescue lady got back to me and they will be covering the vet care! She said she would pay pal me. Just waiting to hear back from her.

  • @ndz2018 I'm glad they can cover the vet costs. That can add up fast!
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