Pregnant after 35

Pregnant with 3rd child after 9 years

So my husband and I have 2 beautiful daughters age 12 & 9. Due to alot of medical issues and surgeries we were told 5 years ago I'd probably never be able to successfully carry anoither child... but as my midwife put it, we are now pregnant with our miracle baby. 12 weeks on Tuesday. 
But now I'm over 35, and everything feels brand new... I'm spook exhausted and sick. I'm just looking for others who have had such distant pregnancies or any confo dying suggestions on our new journey. 

Re: Pregnant with 3rd child after 9 years

  •  My oldest is 14 and my youngest is 2. I'm due in June. It's easier with older kids to take your time,  keeping up with a toddler ous hard! LOL 

    I was really surprised how much more tired I was the second time there were several days when all I did while my dd was at school was sleep. 

    Don't worry about age so much,  if you can get pregnant at the age you are,  things are in your favor. I was 37 last time and will be 40 at delivery this time.  
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    Congratulations! I am pregnant with my 4th child. My son and daughter are 10 and 13. So, there is a difference! This pregnancy is so much different!
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  • I’m 43 and pregnant with my third . My youngest is 15 and oldest is 19 ! My step daughter is 11 , my partner he is 12 Years my junior. We planned this pregnancy and were lucky it happened after 6 months naturally. 
    I too feel like this is the first time , nervously excited. 
  • Hi, I’m 39 and 5w5d with my first so I can’t compare but I am exhausted! I literally cannot do anything at work after lunch that requires intense concentration and I’m freaking out because that just won’t work for me throughout the entire pregnancy. Of course it’s all worth it but I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to keep up....
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  • I’m in a similar situation. My boys are 9 and 7, and will be 10 and 8 when this baby is born. I’ve always wanted more kids, but my husband was against it until this fall. Now I’m worried about the age gap. How will our family work with one childe so much you get than the others? And what about family vacations in five years when this baby is 4 but his:her siblings are 15 and 13? Will this child always feel left out?

    so many worries.
  • I'm 38 (I'll be 39 for delivery though). My oldest will be 9 right after this one is due and my youngest will be 7. I thought it would be a negative to not have my kids close together in age, but my oldest is just baby crazy. We haven't told them yet (I'm only 5 weeks 6 days) but I think I'll have two big helpers on my hands.
  • I turned 40 in December.  My daughters are 7 and almost 11. This will be my SO's first;  he's 32. 

    Haven't told my girls yet.  My viability scan is this Thursday. 

    Pregnancy Ticker

    Me: 40 | SO: 32

    DDs: 11, 7.5 |  Due: 22-Dec

    We're having another GIRL!!  <3

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    I am 8w and have an 8 year old daughter..I am hoping that she is excited when she finds out. Baby will be due very close to her 9th birthday !  :D
  • I’m with you! 42 years old and pregnant with my second after 10 years! I’m not sure where to start! I am impressed by all of these apps (apps didn’t even exist 10 years ago;)... and new products!

  • 40yrs old, 11 weeks pregnant with baby #4 after 7 years. It was complete surprise.  My daughter is ecstatic to get to finally be a big sister.
  • I'm with ya sister! Mine are 21, 18 and 13. Starting all over! I'm 38, husband is 49. Due June 15th 2019. My daughter is also very excited to be a big sister. She's been begging for years. I thought after 13 years and no birth control,  I was done...
  • I’m 42 and pregnant with my 3rd after 10 years.   I have a beautiful 13-year-old daughter and a fantastic 10-year-old son. I divorced their father, and I’m now pregnant with my fiancé’s baby.   Life tends to take some very interesting and unexpected turns.

    SO much has changed!  I can work out in any way that I’m comfortable with, whereas 10 years ago I wasn’t allowed to lift over 20lbs.  Now I deadlift 230lbs and plan to for as long as possible (doc’s orders 😉).  I can download an app to listen to the hb instead of paying $200 for my own Doppler.  Still can’t eat raw oysters, or take Advil, but I can deal with that.
  • I'm 42, and 12w4d pregnant with what will hopefully be #3. DS is 7 and DD is just 23...years old, that is. 
  • I'm 43 and 12W (7th pregnancy,hopefully 5th baby) my kids are 27,18 and 17 (husbands kids are 21,18,14,13 and 7 )so we have a HUGE gap in age.. Also REALLY hoping for a girl bc out of our 9 kids there's only ONE girl
  • I just posted asking something similar! 

    I am 38 and 6 weeks along with a very surprise baby #3.  My other two are about to turn 8 and 12.  I feel like a newbie!  I'm also really nervous about sleepless nights at 39.  They turned me into a beast at 27 and 31! 
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