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Newbie intro -loss mentioned-

Good evening all!

My short story is that DH and I are mid 30s (I'm 33, he's 35). We've been trying without success...while EVERYBODY we know is getting KU each month. We finally got a BFP, but lost it in the first trimester. I'm benched for a little bit while I heal up from a D&C, but we're going to be back at it asap. 

We apparently have unspecified IF. I kind of wish that something was wrong, so that I could have a problem to solve...but my doctor can't find anything wrong. Like others we are kind of bound by our healthcare's limitations, and there isn't an in-network RE nearby, so we're working with an OB-GYN who likes collecting data (just like me!). So while I wait for my body to get back to normal, I'm posting in more message boards to meet other ladies who don't "get pregnant when their SO looks at them" *groan* :expressionless:
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Re: Newbie intro -loss mentioned-

  • Welcome! I’m so sorry for your loss. The unexplained is frustrating and you are far from alone. My friend said to me the other day that she feels we are in a fertility crisis and I sat back and thought about this booming infertility business and have to agree! It sounds like you have a fabulous OB which can be hard to find. 
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  • Welcome. So sorry for your loss. I can really sympathize with your situation. I am also "unexplained" which I find very frustrating because there is no clear path to fix whatever it is that is wrong. My RE is over 400km away because that is the closest fertility clinic to our hometown.  Also feel like everyone I know has gotten KU once or twice since we started TTC.  I just found out that my cousin (who is over 40 and doesn't even have a partner) just got KU by "accident".  It feels like no one understands but luckily we have this online community of women who are very supportive and can truly understand what we are going through. My RE says one way or another 98% of the ppl he treats will have a family so I try to hold onto that. 
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  • Welcome @echotangocharlie - I'm sorry for your struggles and hope you find support here. I'm especially sorry for your loss. Have you done any fertility treatments to date?

    These boards have been a huge help for me, and I wish you the same.
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