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GTKY:  Holiday song you most dislike?

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    Weeks: 26

    Due Date: the 16th of March!

    What's new with bebe? Also so squirmy. I can't believe she weighs two whole pounds and is starting to open her eyes!! I bought her a Moses basket style bassinet, which arrived this afternoon and is the sweetest. Can't wait to park her and it next to my bed and just stare.

    What's new with mama? I had my performance review yesterday – got excellent feedback and a nice raise! Nursing can be such a thankless job, so it feels good to be recognized. This works out to be a "double" raise to end the year, since I also applied to advance on the "clinical ladder" at my hospital and was accepted. I think all said and done it'll like an extra $3/hr, which adds up! Today I've had the laziest day. I think my cat was busier than me.

    Rant/Raves: I've been dreaming about snow, but now that it's on the forecast of course it's overnight before I'm supposed to drive to work at 6 am :P

    Questions: Please tell me your favorite healthy snacks. I've officially entered the ravenous stage of pregnancy and the struggle is real (as the kids these days say)... 

    GTKY:  Holiday song you most dislike? It's weird, I haven't really heard many this year except what we chose to put on when decorating the tree (Emmylou Harris for the win!). I only really listen to NPR on the radio and shop mostly at this mom & pop natural food store (and online). So I'm drawing a blank.
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    Weeks: 26

    Due Date: March 16

    What's new with bebe? Well she's moving around a lot and likes to kick/punch whenever there's loud noises (like at the hockey game DH and I were at last night) or whenever I bend over/lean forward.  She also sometimes demands sweets and I never deny her :P

    What's new with mama? I'm tired ALL THE TIME where is my second trimester energy?? I thought it was because I work full time, have two kids, a dog, a house to take care of, and I'm growing another human but my dr told me that my iron is very low (a 9) and that could be contributing to my fatigue.

    Rant/Raves: Because of my iron being low I have to go see a hematologist next week.  I now have 3 doctors appointments next week.  3!  (now to be fair one is DS's 2.5 yr check up but I still have to be there and pediatricians wait FOREVER between the dr and the shots when they don't need to, my kids know the nurses give them shots not the dr's haha) I understand how important it is to be healthy and I'm doing all of these appointments to keep myself and baby healthy which is obviously my ultimate goal and I don't mind going to keep her healthy but it is really tiring to be constantly running to appointments, trying to fit them in around my work schedule, etc.  Thank goodness I have an understanding boss who doesn't give me any issues about all of these appointments.

    Questions: My ankles are already swelling (this doesn't normally happen until 34+ weeks), any tips on how to keep the swelling down?

    GTKY:  Holiday song you most dislike?

    Santa Baby-it is SO whiny and materialistic and makes it seem like Christmas is all about what gifts people give you.  I hate it and turn it off every time it comes on.  Also agree that Baby It's Cold Outside is really creepy.

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    Weeks: 28

    Due Date: It's actually March 1st (was the 2nd)

    What's new with bebe? Just being really crazy wild!!! I wonder what he's actually doing in there...

    What's new with mama? It's so hard to bend over and get up and down off the floor with DS1 these days! I have an appt next week and then starts my every two week appts... so crazy!!

    Rant/Raves: I'm feeling so bittersweet about this holiday season being DS1s last as an only child! And equally freaked out about how close delivery is getting... I don't feel ready at all!!

    Questions: None!

    GTKY:  Holiday song you most dislike? Um... that Dominic the Donkey one! 
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    @orbmaker - that is too precious!! Love it!
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    @orbmaker did I know we were due date twins?  And that basket is too cute!  I have a bassinette that I used for my other kids and am going to use for this one so that I can keep them next to me while I'm in bed and I love the convenience it offers, especially for those 2AM feedings, I can just sit up and grab them :)
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    @orbmaker Oh my gahhhhhhhhh I ADORE that moses basket!!
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    @LaurenAnn0405 compression socks to help and putting your feet up as much as possible. Also, lots of water? I like the ones on Amazon that are for runners.
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    @mdfarmchick thanks!  I'll look for the socks, I'm trying to drink more water in general (I'm horrible keeping up with what I should be drinking). Keeping my feet up at home is kinda difficult with a 5yr old and 2 yr old but maybe I'll try to use that excuse to get DH to do more housework :D
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    @LaurenAnn0405 I have a pillow at the foot of my bed and I at least keep my feet up when I’m there and not sleeping totally on my side. I am a belly sleeper normally so I use pillows to just kind of lean so it still sort of feels like I’m sleeping on my belly. 
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    Weeks: 24

    Due Date: 3/29/18

    What's new with bebe? Those strange rolling/twitching movements that make you wonder: what the HECK are you DOING in there?!

    What's new with mama? Increased Symphisis Pubis pain/discomfort

    Rant/Raves: none, but I'm SO ready to know if this is a boy or girl, just to "shut people up" kind of lol but I'll keep holding out.

    Questions: none

    GTKY:  Holiday song you most dislike? I don't really like Christmas music. I only like 3 songs and that's it really.

    @antoto 24 is viability? I thought it was 28. Well, yay!! Also, what's a chocolate orange??
    Me: 28
    DH: 29
    Married: 7/4/15
    TTC #1 since marriage
    BFP 11/17/15 -- EDD 7/31/16

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