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Jealous Siblings

The first few weeks of being home with baby my 3 year old daughter loved on her baby sister, but was mean as a snake to momma. Now she’s either acting out, not listening, throwing LOUD tantrums to try and wake the baby OR she’s a very clingy, sensitive mommas girl.  I have tried SO hard to give her special time, I pick her up early from school, do nice things like go get ice cream...she’s great for an hour or so and then acts up. Bedtime is the WORST. If she knows I’m nursing she wants me to put her to bed. If I’m free she doesn’t want momma and is mean about it and wants daddy. I miss my sweet girl! I don’t think there is anything we haven’t tried, but would love some ideas or just stories of your threenager big sibling woes 

Re: Jealous Siblings

  • You're so not alone. My only advice is something my lactation consultant suggested. Create a breastfeeding box. This is a box with toys or activities that are special and she can only play with when you're breastfeeding the baby. The one other thing I've been trying to do, is let my son help with tasks for the baby, such as getting and holding the diaper for changes, getting clothes for the baby and picking out toys to hang on the activity center. Sometimes it works and some days are hard from beginning to end. We try to get out to the park as much as possible, but soon the weather will be stopping that. 
  • I have a three year old son as well. We read many books about transitioning to becoming a big brother. Also I try to involve him with the baby as much as possible. He picks out her outfits, is her tummy time coach, etc. Now that she's reacting more to him he loves to interact with her. He's realized that he can make her smile by doing his special silly dance. Is there something special your daughter can do for her sister? 
  • I have a toddler and he will be 2 end of this month. We have just involved him with basically everything. He helps with dressing her, changing her, holds her, plays, really anything that she does I have him "help". We have not had any issues. I was still nursing him until she came home from the hospital and I cut him off and he actually didn't act up like we thought he would.
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