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high but slow-rising HCG?

Lurker here. I would say my tenative due date is July 31, but I'm not so sure it will be. 

I've had brown spotting off and on for a week (no sex or anything to cause it). To reassure me the doctor checked my HCG... well, it didn't reassure me. At 5w6d I was 19,400, and at 6w1d I was 28,200. About a 45% increase. The nurse who called with results didn't seem optimistic and just said we'll know more at my ultrasound next week. 

My in laws are coming to visit the night of the ultrasound... I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst now so I'm not shocked on Wednesday. Did anyone else see such low rising numbers at only 6 weeks? 

Re: high but slow-rising HCG?

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    Hello, welcome! I see this is your first post on our board. Feel free to intro on our introductions thread. And please take a look at our **read first** thread for an idea on how we keep the board organized! I totally understand your worry but generally threads like this aren't encouraged as they clog up the board- but it would be a great post for our questions thread. 
    And I would suggest changing your username if you haven't already so we can all interact with you better. Welcome again! 
    *housekeeping done*

    As far as your question- hcg begins slowing down after about 6000.. I would NEVER expect hcg to double quickly at 19,000. Your numbers are a little high, which could indicate other issues- but they're not out of the range of normal. Is it possible you're further along than you think? 
    I've attached a chart that lists typical hcg ranges- you'll see your betas are within a normal range. 
    ETA as far as the spotting, that could also be totally normal, try not to worry unless it picks up or it's accompanied by cramping. 

  • Thanks for your housekeeping notes - will repost in questions thread. 

    I'm sure I'm not further along. My cycle is like clockwork, 27 days exactly, and we only have sex twice during the month, two days apart.
  • try and remain hopeful while cycles can be the same sometimes ovulation can be delayed or even implantation :) I have had both oregnancies be behind ny estimated dd and everything turned out fine :) 
  • Doubling times increase as HcG increases. With levels that high, an ultrasound I should going to be far more telling than blood work levels. 
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  • I hope your ultrasound goes well! You should definitely be able to see something on an ultrasound at this point.

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