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 What are your goals? Let's post them here, including status updates and encourage each other!

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  • Add me to the increasing my workouts group. I'm actually the weirdo who tends to work out more once it gets colder outside - it's so hot here in the summer (and sometimes early fall) that when it gets cold the dog and I regularly go on 4 mile walks. I'm still under (or maybe right at by now) my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm starting to worry that some of that is from lost muscle tone. I'm fairly active but I've definitely been exercising way less lately.
  • Yup - need more exercise and increase water. Going to find my fitbit and track steps. Good tip. Forgot I had one.
  • @Cowboycorgi same here. I've been so tired lately, there's definitely been an increase in TV or tablet time and just letting him play by himself while I lay on the couch or whatever.  Definitely need to get back to being more engaged and cherishing this one on one time with him. 
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  • LaurenAnn0405LaurenAnn0405 member
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    I definitely need to drink more water, my water intake is terrible even at work with a water bottle sitting next to me but I've been getting a lot of Charlie horses and foot cramps to which my OB told me to up my water intake so whenever I don't feel like drinking water I just remember the pain that wakes me up in the middle of the night!  I also need to go through kids clothes and bin them and get DH to drag them up to the attic for storage.  At some point I'd like to get DD's old stuff down to figure out what I'm going to give away and what I'm going to keep for this little one.

    After all of that I do feel like I've been not spending as much time with my little ones as I should.  I've been going crazy recently with trying to keep up after their messes (which they make while unsupervised and they're unsupervised because I'm cleaning up), decorate for Christmas, and get rid of things because there's such an influx of stuff that we get around the holidays with DD's birthday 3 days after Christmas plus we have another baby coming and there's honestly a lot of stuff here we don't need.  Argh writing it all out makes it seem impossible now :D

  • @LaurenAnn0405 no way! If it helps, I try to make a list and then go from there. And I prioritize my list as to which needs to be done in order so that I can feel super accomplished even if my list isn’t done. 
  • LaurenAnn0405LaurenAnn0405 member
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    @mdfarmchick I should write it down at home - the only problem with that is I get SUPER detailed on my list because I love crossing things off (for example instead of just "fold laundry" I'll write "fold DD's laundry" on one line and "fold DS's laundry" on a separate line so I can cross 2 things off) I'll try to not let it spiral out of control and try it again this weekend :D
  • l try to walk one mile a day, every day. Been sick with a fever and cough this week, so l missed a few days, but was going strong for the last few months before this week. 
  • @cford08 sounds like nesting! And remember, YH can totally help when you need to rest—you can supervise. :lol:
  • Ladies! I went AWOL between a house of sickies and other such things. 

    So impressed with everyone's goals! Love hearing what everyone is doing to keep on their goals. These are great tips for me. 

    I'll report that I haven't made it to 80oz and it's no coincidence that I caught the house sickness. 
  • @cford08 sounds like nesting! And remember, YH can totally help when you need to rest—you can supervise. :lol:
    Most definently nesting! I want to do more but I am trying to be realistic too  ;)
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  • @cford08 realistic?? I’m still turning my house upside down and inside out. :lol:
  • Lol @mdfarmchick oh I had GRAND plans....our bedroom and bathroom were going to get a major overhaul, clothes were supposed to be donated, touch up paint all over this place. Girl, I am exhausted just typing this stuff.
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  • I have so many goals:

    1) Reach 10,000 steps every day (most days I get under 5000 eek), but today I'm at 10,078 (thank you IKEA)
    2) No more sweets this week until next Saturday's Christmas party (which is hard since I really want ice cream right now)
    3) Watch my weight gain - I'm up 24.5lbs and I'll be 25 weeks on Monday. I gotta slow it down!
  • @cford08 This pic made me laugh  :D "drink enough water...text people back"  :D
  • @cford08 we took more than one full Navigator load to Goodwill... :lol:
  • So last night I pulled up the spinning babies website and dusted off my yoga ball. Then today MH dragged me out of the house and to the park with DS so I’ve already walked two miles and had to slam extra water.

    I’m trying to be accountable here, every day, so that I don’t make excuses for skipping my walk and my yoga/exercise time. I may have a bad day again this week, but even with some really bad sciatica last night that kept me awake, my hips and back felt so much better today from my yoga and ball exercises. 
  • Wow. I've already failed. Today I'm at 4220 steps with no intention of doing much else tonight except working on a puzzle...I ate popcorn after dinner while watching a movie with DS and DH. Oh and had a piece of Rice Krispie square. Sigh. No wonder the scale keeps going up and up and up.
  • @justkeeptrying Those days are a downer and I know how hard it is to not judge myself based on the scale's number. 

    Good for you for tracking progress!!
  • All you ladies are inspiring with the step counts and working out. Once I have this LO I'm all in for getting this mommy body together!
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  • Ohhhh you guys: I've been doing well with steps + water, so I decided to add Spinning Babies as a daily goal for myself, hoping it would help baby get into position (and therefore make labor go smoothly) and ease some of the discomfort I've started to feel in the past week.  But I just watched the daily essentials video, and I don't know if I can take it seriously!  I am all for yoga and calm soothing voices... but some of the phrasings!  The activities!  They give you instructions on how to poop to help your baby get into position!  This might be more of a challenge than I bargained for!
  • Ok, might have to delve deeper in the Spinning Babies site! 

    As for me, I drank my water yesterday and might do it again today! Which is great considering I still can't shake this congestion. 
  • @ashtuesday haha. I just follow the activities that have typed out on their website... I don’t have time to watch a video. :lol: Do the parts that work for you and skip over whatever you don’t want to... 
  • Small goals: more daily activity in the form of walking and squats, hopefully will help with this hip pain. And drinking more water.

    Ultimate goal: VBAC!
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