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Thoughts on Odin?

I crossed it off my list for a while because someone said that it was the name of a hate group in Canada. I still haven’t heard anything about this group, except when specifically googling it. Have you?

For some reason I keep coming back to this name but of course I’d never want to give my son this name if it really is associated with this group for a lot of people. 
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Re: Thoughts on Odin?

  • I have never heard of a hate group called Odin! And Canada is right next door to the state I live in. I strictly think of it from the Thor movies that's it. 
  • I like it. It has a cool guy vibe to it without being trendy or trying too hard. 

    One of my gulity pleasure names is Orrin. 
  • Hmm. I do think Odin conjures a bit of a "full of yourself" vibe. Also, while it's not a name that I can recall being the name of a hate group, some white supremacists go super hard on the Norse mythology/culture train. (They are also wrong, as much scholarly work shows Vikings as much more diverse then any white supremacist would be okay with. )
  • I think of Odin Lloyd, the guy who was killed by Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots player. But that wouldn’t be a reason not to choose it. It’s NMS though. 
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  • Seems like I have been hearing it a lot lately. I really don't love it, but it is okay. My cousin named a boy Odin, he is about 6 or 7 and the Odie nn and so babyish
  • When I hear Odin I think of Odie and that reminds me of a cartoon dog. I don't hate it, but it's nms.
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  • When I think of Odin I think of Thor and then it's sort of like naming your kid a gods name.  So like Hercules or Zeus.  It's just a bit much IMO. Like what if the poor kid is scrawny?
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  • I have a cousin named Odin. At first it really bothered my grandmother because she thought of the dog in Garfield. 
  • I have never heard of a hate group called Odin. I agree with others though, I tink of the Norse god and the dopey dog from Garfield. Neither of which is an association I care for, but the name is becoming more popular regardless.
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  • There are a couple Odin's in my son's daycare, so I think it's more popular than people realize. (I only bring that up cause it's a dealbreaker for some)

  • I like it and don’t know of the hate group. 
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    Soldiers of Odin is the name of the hate group. 

    ETA Soldiers of Odin isn’t limited to Canada, also has some US factions. 
  • I don’t know of any hate group, but I definitely think of Vikings. NMS, but I also wouldn’t judge anyone who used it negatively. 
  • Look up odinism. It is associated with white supremacist groups. 
  • catem07 said:
    I think of Odin Lloyd, the guy who was killed by Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots player. But that wouldn’t be a reason not to choose it. It’s NMS though. 
    Same here. Never heard of the group in Canada.  I think it’s more popular these days because I’ve seen other threads asking about it. 
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    I think most people would associate it with Norse mythology. I have never heard of the hate group associated with the name.

    I love all things vikings, but naming a kid Odin is just NMS.

  • FYI—She was in my BMB and had her baby in December! And he’s not named Odin.
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  • I like it. I'm also a fan of Oren/Orrin, and generally a fan of O names. 
    Odie is a cute nickname for a kid- and also could be used for a kid named Otis, if you want a slightly more common name with the same nn. 
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    It reminds me of Thor, I think it’s a fine name if you have the guts to use it go for it 
  • The kid is already born and named. Please practice safe necromancy when posting.
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