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So, I feel a little nervous starting a discussion! haha I thought it would be nice to discuss family Christmas traditions (or whichever holiday you celebrate) you do with your kids. I think it would be nice for FTM and STM+ to see what others are doing so they can get ideas to start with their little/littles.

**I did research the board and saw this question was asked on the TTGP grad check in. So, the people who aren't grads might not be looking in there.
Hope this is ok!! ETA Christmas

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Re: Holiday Traditions

  • Fun!

    Since DD just turned 2 this is the first year she can participate more and understand the idea of Christmas (sort of lol).

    We haven't locked down any traditions yet but we are doing a Christmas Eve box for her with a pair of pjs, a movie and a snack. After Christmas dinner the family will relax and watch the movie. Christmas Day we will open gifts, have breakfast with my parents and go on a nice hike. For years now my parents and I have done some sort of beautiful hike, usually 5-7 miles. When DH joined out family he took to the tradition and now we bring DD.

    We are also doing tons of holiday festivities during the month of December like festivals, tree lightings, Dickens Fair and the Christmas train of lights. 
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  • @runsomewhere I love the idea for PJs and a movie! We've been leaning towards doing that as well. I imagine if you life it a nice part of country the hike is beautiful and something to really enjoy on Christmas :)
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  • For now, DH and I pick 4 movies (The Grinch, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, and the Santa Clause) We watch one a week and save the Santa Clause for Christmas Eve. I think we will continue that tradition with kids. We haven't started many traditions since we've been together for 2 years, but we're looking for more! Also once in December we go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.
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  • @gspmom21 yes, I live in CA near lots of parks, mountains and the ocean. My whole family is really outdoorsy. 
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  • As a kid we got to open one present on Christmas Eve which was always pajamas and a movie for everyone to watch that night. So cool that other people have the same traditions! 
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    After we got married we started buying one ornament each. Our tree is starting to come together with personal or ornaments and i always look forward to picking DS. It would be nice once he’s old enough to understand and pick his own. My family also typically opens one gift on Christmas Eve.
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  • amylu914amylu914 member
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    We have a ton of traditions between my family and my in laws. I find myself stressed out about fitting all of them in during the holidays, rather than enjoying them. I'm really trying to find a balance and want to start traditions of our own without them turning into a burden. I'll be watching this thread for high impact, low stress traditions  :)

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    I like a pretty glam tree (silver and gold) but I pulled out an old tiny Christmas tree from my dorm days and let DS who's 3 pick out his own ornaments, whatever he wants and is into at the time. He can add to it each year.

    We also got a chocolate advent calendar thing that sits on our mantle and he looks forward to that each day. I'm also big into baking and make tins for friends and family each year. We do a box kit gingerbread house, watch all the movies and go to as many Christmas tree lightings, levee bonfires, Santa sightings, etc as we can!

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  • @amylu914 I know the feeling. It's always been like that for me. Once DS came around, I told everyone that I would do everything before Christmas, but on actual Christmas. It was going to me and him, chilling in our pjs and playing with his new toys. I make a breakfast and whoever wants to come, can, but I refuse to pull him in twenty directions so the kid can't enjoy Christmas.

    As for me, we do the pj popcorn and movie on Christmas Eve. Wake up and OMG OPEN PRESENTS!! Breakfast is happening somewhere in there, and then for dinner I do steaks with roasted veggies. The casserole/ham dinner I grew up with I get plenty of during thanksgiving.
  • I grew up with us doing stockings of little goodies and necessities and I have been meaning to do it but we havent yet mainly because it is hard with dd being so little 
  • @amylu914 I totally agree about feeling stressed about fitting in traditions. I don't even really have any steadfast traditions, but I feel guilty for not making more traditions and doing more holiday things (like we skipped my town's tree lighting this year because I was too tired to go, and I was so guilty and stressed about it). Now I'm stressed because one of my parents is Jewish and I want my son to be exposed to both holidays, but Hanukkah is next week and I am not prepared to make that happen. All the stress is pretty crazy when you think about it, and totally not what the holidays are about!

    SO, in the spirit of trying not to stress, I am only committing to a few traditions this year and trying not to put extra pressure on myself: 1. watch Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story at some point Christmas weekend; 2. put up and decorate a Christmas tree (tree is up and half decorated, yay); 3. bake cookies with my husband and son at some point; 4. read T'was the Night Before Christmas to my son on Christmas Eve; 5. make time for just the three of us to enjoy Christmas morning together, opening gifts and having breakfast before the chaos of the day starts. 
  • My family has always done one present on Christmas Eve- we have a Christmas Eve party at my aunts, and my parents always brought it there. It was always new pajamas. We are now in our 30’s and still do this tradition. I genuinely look forward to this every year. I especially love thinking back of years past where my mom got my size too big, or way too small, or the year she got me what can only be described as an Amish themed nightgown, two years ago she legit got me lingerie (in hopes of grandkids soon) and yes she actually said that while I opened it next to my poor father. 

    Anyway- I will def be passing that tradition on to my children or letting her keep doing that with my little! Not sure what other traditions we will start but I am a huge holiday person- so I’ll probably just include baby on all the things I already do- decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, shopping, wrapping presents, singing and dancing to Christmas music, watching every Christmas movie imaginable! 

    I also like the idea above about reading Twas the night before Christmas on X-mas Eve, such a cute idea!!! 
  • Similar to what some of you other ladies have said, I try to not to stress myself out around the holidays (esp. this year!).  We do what sounds fun.  Last year we baked a ton of cookies for neighbors and made a gingerbread house.  This year, we are probably not going to do that-sounds like too much work.  lol.  

    Prior to Christmas we always make sure we watch our favorite movies (Christmas Vacation, It's a Wonderful Life, Elf), we usually take a night and dedicate it to going to look at local Christmas lights, and we read a Christmas bedtime story each night between Thanksgiving and Christmas (I am book obsessed and we have way too many!)

    Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year.  My dad is from a huge, boisterous Irish family (he has 9 brothers and sisters, and each one of them have at least 3 kids, most of whom are all married with their own famlies now). My Aunt and Uncle still live in the same town where they grew up, and they own a cattle farm and a winery.  They have a big party on Christmas Eve for our family, and lots of their friends who they grew up with stop by at some point in the evening as well.  We all pile into their little country church for Christmas Eve service (which is ridiculous because our family takes up about 80% of the church, but they have come to expect it  :D) and then we go back to their house and hang out, drink, and sing songs (we are all pretty musical-everyone can sing, most people can play an instrument).  It's the best party, and the most tangible form of Love I have ever experienced in my life!  Such a great start to Christmas.  

    Christmas Day is more low key for us.  Presents and breakfast at home, and then dinner with my family.  Nothing too crazy.  
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  • @runsomewhere I love your tradition of doing a hike on christmas day! 
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  • @stlmegs I want to be a part of your Christmas eve tradition! That sounds like some serious fun!!! 

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  • elizabethrn87elizabethrn87 member
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    Still figuring out our family’s holiday traditions. I work(ed) every Christmas including this year so we did Christmas on Christmas Eve since DD didn’t/doesn’t know the difference. After this year I will be working strictly weekends so the next 5 Christmas’ I should have off.

    We did break out elf of the shelf this year 
  • Oh- forgot. My dad got this voice record book of the night before Christmas in which it records him reading it to my daughter so we have that after he is gone. He always read that to us Christmas Eve after church.
  • @stlmegs I want to be a part of your Christmas eve tradition! That sounds like some serious fun!!! 
    Girl, come on!! One thing I love about my Dads family is they don’t know the meaning of the word stranger. You’re invited anytime! 
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  • @elizabethrn87 that is so, so special!!!!
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