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Weekday Randoms pt2 (12/6-12/7)


Re: Weekday Randoms pt2 (12/6-12/7)

  • @wildtot I’ve been using sweet almond oil... Belly hips and boobs every day... 
    @Crystal321 I hope you feel better soon...sometimes I think bed rest sounds like a wonderful excuse to sit in PJs all day and read but I’m sure it gets old FAST. 
    @lindsayleigh1989 you’re nicer than I...if DH did that I would be threatening his life 
  • What makes the bedrest so shitty is that I am separated from my kid :( she is too little to understand that I can't leave the bed to play with her, so I only get to see her before she goes to bed. It's so depressing to me. The good news is that I am finally getting sort of caught up with my work

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  • coco2787 said:
    The day where I need to buy a new bra has arrived.   :s
    I pulled out the bra extendeder last night. It was time. 
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  • @crystal321 I am so sorry!! Hope you see some improvement soon and bedrest doesn’t last too long. 
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
  • As a ftm to-be, I forgot about stretch marks, but loving the tips on what to buy.

    @Crystal321, I hope the SCH resolves soon!
  • @Crystal321 I hope your SCH resolves soon and you can get back to normal! Bed rest sucks! Did they give you an idea of how long it would be?
  • @acunamatada I go back to the doctor monday to get checked again. I am pretty sure I will be on bedrest until they are sure it's gone though.... that is if I don't go to jail for strangling my husband in the meantime.

  • @Crystal321 fx it resolves quickly!! I hope your husband gets it together lol. I know I was set on smothering DH in his sleep after a surgery I had this past spring and he "tried" picking up the slack. 
  • I’m not sure where to put this so I figured randoms is as good of a place as any. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me this week but I’m really struggling. I wake up wanting to cry every day and I just feel stressed/ anxious. I’m part terrified something is going to go wrong with the baby and part terrified that I just can’t do this. I’m also selfishly terrified of how much my life and relationship is going to change. I’m just so scared right now and I’m hoping it’s the hormones and nothing else because I want this baby. We made the decision and tried for this baby. Why am I feeling this way at just 7 weeks!?! 

    End rant. I’m going to get back to work and try not to cry now.

  • @wildtot I haven't started using anything yet but I used mama mio last time and didn't get a single stretchmark
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  • @ashbub714 so many hugs hormones early on are so hard. the crying can definitelh be normal and I just want to encourage you that you can definitely do this :) 
  • Lily is a snuggle bug today I am so so happy!! i needed this 
  • @ashbub714 I’m sorry babe. Totally normal though. These hormones are no joke and can send us all over the place. I’ve personally had those same days. Lots of them. It’s a battle sometimes. Hugs. 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 and @4deep thank you both for the support. It’s reassuring to hear that this is normal and I’m not crazy. Y’all are awesome :)
  • @ashbub714 anytime you are definitely not crazy! i cried and a stupid commercial today haha
  • @ashbub714 hugs hugs hugs. Hormones, man. You'll cycle through all the emotions and then some. It's the biggest change, it's okay to be scared! 
  • @ashbub714 - I feel you! Damn those hormones! They are killing me recently. I am part weepy part rage! 
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    The hormones definelty make me feel all kinds of ways too.. Just know you're not alone& you can do this! @ashbub714
  • @ashbub714 I’m sorry you’re struggling! Those hormones def are no joke and I’m sure just about everyone has feelings of “wtf was I thinking?!” I know I have already this go round and this is my third baby! It’s still a big transition and it’s okay to be nervous about it, but you’ll do great!

  • Ive seen some footage of the fires in California and it’s so scary and sad. Usually they don’t bother me because we don’t really get fired like that in PA, but they’re just so big and yeah.. scary and sad. I’m sorry to those of you who have to worry about those right now. I hope you’re all ok. 

    In happier news I got my new planner for 2018 today and I love it! I love feeling organized and while I don’t usually use my planner to it’s full purpose it helps me feel more collected. 

  • @ashbub714 It's totally normal. I really had issues with those thoughts after my first was born, but now I can't imagine life without her. It's a big change!

  • Thank y’all! I guess I really didn’t expect the hormones to be this intense.  :#
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    @ashbub714 totally normal! Of course we fear what we don't know! All those things will change, in many ways for the better. There will be days as a mom you look back on life before kids with longing (the ability to sleep uninterrupted, to see a movie and not have it cost a fortune come to mind) but on the other side, you'll get to watch your partner turn into a parent, which is SO beautiful, and love a tiny person more than you ever knew possIble. I would hear people say they didn't know what love was until they had a child, and I don't think that was at all true for me. I knew love, great love, long before my baby was born. For me it was like my heart learned a whole new way to experience and express love - like learning a new language - because it was so different from anything I'd ever felt before. So much more all-encompassing, intensely beautiful, and so pure it almost hurt. There will be change, and there will be moments where the future feels like you're staring into a black hole and don't know what's on the other side. But there is beauty and joy on that side, I promise you. You can do this. 

    On a side note, post partum depression can start as soon as conception. I don't think you're depressed, but wanted to mention it in case you have a history of depression, as I do, as it's something to watch for. Even without a history, it's something to watch for. No shame in it; chemical changes do weird things to a body. 

    Hang in there, girl. You've got this. 

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  • @christycalifornia thank you so much for that. As I’ve told you before you have such an amazing way with words. I’m screenshotting your post so I can look back on it on hard days. 

    All you ladies have been so helpful and offered such kind words and I thank you for that. I CAN do this!

    Love being on this journey with you all.  
  • You're awesome @ashbub714. You can holla at us any time you're feeling less than that. :)

    Me: 33, DH: 37
    Married: May 2006
    The Bean: Born April 2014
    Formerly BiggerinRealLife on April14

  • First appointment in a couple hours.  Nervous and excited, I just want to see that little heartbeat  <3
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  • so many losses lately makes me just so sad :(
  • @lindsayleigh1989 me too, every time I see a new one my heart sinks  :'(
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