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  • Holy cow @acunamatada thatbis a very crazy dream! 

    My WTF is that I forgot it was St. Nick night last night. Luckily no one said anything to my boys so I can do it tonight instead. I have just been so tired and forgetful that it slipped my mind!
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  • @acunamatada crazy dream! Also- I’ve wondered that about a couple celebs. I think they just have super dark eyelashes and t makes it look like eyeliner? That’s what I tell myself anyways to make me stop obsessing. 

    My wtf is to this sickness in my house... DS is home with a fever two days in a row with like zero other symptoms. I would send him to school, but a 102 fever is not a joke so home he stays.. to fight with his sister.. 

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    My WTF is that today is DHs day off and instead of spending it with us, he went out hunting. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with if he ACTUALLY SHOT ANYTHING- he just sits in his stand on his phone.  :| :| :| :| :| :| like you can do that at home. With you son. Annoying. 

    Edit it to add-
    Second WTF to my knee!! I’ve had this problem for year, but when it gets cold I wake up multiple times a night feeling like I got hit in the knee with a sledge hammer. It takes a few minutes for the pain to subside but it’s terrible!! I’ve mentioned it to doctors and jo one seems to know- they just blame it on the arthritis. *eyeroll*
  • @paytonpedro haha i swear DH does that too while “hunting”. 
  • @paytonpedro my husband does that too. And then he gets pissy when I make plans to actually do something and he doesn’t get to go out. *eye roll*

  • Wtf to the stomach flu. My poor 2 year old started throwing up last night. It’s awful to witness and horrible morning sickness isn’t helping. I was naive enough to think we would be able to avoid stomach bugs this winter. It’s the very beginning and we already got one....
  • @wildtot oh geez, that bothers me too! I used to ride the train to college every day and I couldn’t believe how often the younger and able students wouldn’t move their bags or themselves for the older or pregnant people. 
  • @acunamatada wow.  I don't even know what to say to that dream!  

    @mhaack92 I second the WTF to the stomach flu.  I feel like a lot of our littles have had it lately.  Poor babies! Tis' the Season I suppose.....
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  • My wtf today is that my nausea stopped and I lost 4 pounds. I know, I know, don’t scold me because these sound like nice problems to have, but I am totally freaking out. Nausea with my first child didn’t go away until well into the 2nd trimester, so losing it so early is making me nervous. Nausea is a good sign that my HCG levels are high, but now it’s gone, so are my HCG levels going down? Is this too early to stop feeling nauseous and other first trimester symptoms?
    As for the weight loss, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to at least stay at the same weight, right? It’s not like I’m dieting or anything. I mean I had a McDonalds hot fudge Sunday last night after my pizza dinner. I am a little overweight and was only planning on gaining 10-15 pounds this pregnancy based on my research on the subject, but I’ve been slowly just losing weight. That mixed with the loss of nausea is making me nervous  :# 
  • WTF to the wind here in California and all the fires that come with it. So many people have lost their homes over the last few days and it is just heartbreaking. 

  • I haven't gone hunting since 2013, before I had my first kid, but there is something very therapeutic about sitting alone in a stand with no one around. Tbh I never used my phone much (service is awful by our lease), but I can sort of relate. I do miss the hunting part, but I REALLY miss being out there alone

  • @zande2016 thank you! I needed comfort. I will do some more reading and try to stave off the anxiety until my next ultrasound. And I’m right there with you on the mood. Some days I’m balling my eyes out for no reason, and other days I’m so angry and tired that I just want to be left alone. I say you have every right to go straight to bed after work and binge watch whatever movies make you happiest
  • WTF self?!  Get off your ass and get back to your exercise routine.  You'll feel better about life.  

    @emsnedds my symptoms now are COMPLETELY different than my first two.  Don't rely on how you felt the first time around to now.  It's all different!  Also, my sister lost 16 pounds with her first pregnancy (her final pregnancy weight) because she was so sick.  It's all relative.
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  • WTF insurance! Last year when I was pregnant (ended in a loss unfortunately, but this time looks good so far) you told me you covered the Panorama NIPT, and now you're telling me you don't, unless there are certain codes used, etc. And now instead of answering my questions on the phone you're sending me a bunch of paperwork so that I can figure it out myself. FU, insurance!
  • WTF to my client waiting until I get to her house at 715 am (like every other Monday and Wednesday) to tell me she isn’t home..... I’ll slap you for making me get out of bed for no reason aaaaand making me drive back to your house during rush hour traffic later today  >:) 
    @WorkinWeezel telling myself the same about exercising.... I know t will help but I’m just sooo tired. The struggle is real haha
    @emsnedds I haven’t had any nausea yet and I’ve lost weight too despite being in a normal range pre-pregnancy...don’t worry I’m sure you’re fine! Just try to get some healthy stuff in there for your little one! 
    @amylu914 are you in the path of danger? The fires are devastating! I can’t believe they don’t get more news coverage.... 
  • @amylu914 Are you nearby? I've been praying for your area. Lots of people from my sisters church have been evacuated; she's in Burbank. California needs to stop burning! My heart aches for my home. #PrayforCalifornia

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  • amylu914 said:
    WTF to the wind here in California and all the fires that come with it. So many people have lost their homes over the last few days and it is just heartbreaking. 
    2nd this. These winds and fires are just too much. I hope you are safe! I have friends that were evacuated this time around. With the OC Canyon Fire 2 back in September, it caused evacuation for my step brother and his family. Luckily, their home wasn't destroyed (stopped literally across the street from them). I'm praying for everyone! Please stay safe!!

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  • @christycalifornia @pregnant_and_paleo the fires that are currently burning are not near us. We do have one family friend who lost their home in the Ventura fire. She posted a picture of the last photo taken in their home, which was of her mom decorating their Christmas tree literally one hour before the house burned down. It is so heartbreaking to see the destruction and how quickly homes were destroyed. 

    @zombiehoohaa we evacuated with the 1st Canyon Fire, but luckily there was no damage to any of the homes in our neighborhood. It was a scary few weeks with those two fires back to back. Not to mention the chaos it created on the 91 freeway.

  • @amylu914 Holy toledo!!! I'm glad you are okay! I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's home. Beyond devastating. I live off the 5/57/22 and the traffic was disastrous with those 2 fires.So very scary!!! Again, I'm really glad you are okay. The wind needs to gtfo already, as does the funky weather.

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  • wtf child why won't you sleep for me anymore especially when cutting teeth. the crabbiness and tiredness ugh i need a vacation 
    WTF to pregnancy skin that refuses to absorb makeup. Yeah. I can't wear any now, thanks.
    WTF son of mine for dumping a huge back of popcorn EVERYWHERE, and when I go to clean it up taking your cute little crafts off the fridge and tearing them up... and for giving me a hellish cold.
    WTF pregnancy brain for forgetting to get my car keys out of the baby's bag before a friend brought him home.
    WTF life for diagnosing my friend with freaking Cerabellar Degeneration! 
    I could go on, but I really just want to go to sleep and pretend today didn't happen. Cheers to hoping your day turned around, ladies <3 
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