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Baby girl is here! Lydia or Stella?

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My little girl arrived last night, and we’re still trying to finalize her name! It will either be Lydia Jean or Stella Jean, and her older sister’s name is Eliza. Please vote and help me decide! TIA  and I’d love to hear your reasons in the comments!

Baby girl is here! Lydia or Stella? 43 votes

Lydia Jean
67% 29 votes
Stella Jean
32% 14 votes

Re: Baby girl is here! Lydia or Stella?

  • Congrats! I truly like both, but voted for Lydia. I feel like Lydia is timeless. Stella is trendier. 
  • I agree with PP - both great names, but Stella is trendier, plus I just like Lydia more
  • Agree with the others. I'm getting a little tired of Stella.

  • Agree with above 
  • Love the name Stella but like Lydia better with Eliza. 
  • Both are great but I agree Stella is trendier and Lydia (although rising in popularity) is more classic to me.  I love Lydia and nn Liddie!!
  • My sister is Lydia Jane & I love it - it's classic but not trendy or overused.
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  • Congratulations! I voted for Lydia, because I think it sounds better spoken aloud with sister Eliza's name.  Stella and Eliza doesn't sound as good because they both have two syllables.
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