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FTM Check-In • 12/5

How far along are you?

How are things going?

Appointments upcoming/recent?


GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately?

NTNP since Dec 2012 | TTC since Jan 2016
Dx: Unexplained IF
BFP#1 Nov 2017 • Blighted Ovum + MMC • D&C at nine weeks
BFP#2 Apr 2018 • It's a boy! • Due Dec 2018
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Re: FTM Check-In • 12/5

  • How far along are you? 8weeks 2days

    How are things going? Great! A little nausea, sore boobs, moodiness.

    Appointments upcoming/recent? My first appointment is December 11th!

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Not at the moment!

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? It depends on the day.. Yesterday I got emotional because I came home with a bad headache& DH wanted to know what I was cooking for supper(he doesn't mind cooking anyway. I do it, but I don't enjoy it).. I ended up being overly emotional and crying because he knew my head was pounding and I was really hoping he would offer to cook.. He ended up cooking me supper so I could sit down for a few minutes! And he even made cinnamon rolls for dessert!

  • How far along are you? 7 + 2

    How are things going? They're going...exhausted. 

    Appointments upcoming/recent? Tomorrow!! 


    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Actually, I have been getting annoyed really easily, especially with DH, my nieces and nephews, and step-dad (he has dementia). I have no patience. None. I just want to sleep.

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  • How far along are you? 8 weeks 2 days

    How are things going? Pretty good... exhaustion is terrible.  Nausea has reared its ugly head today.  I couldn't finish my lunch and the smell of the left overs is killing me! 

    Appointments upcoming/recent?  Still waiting on the first one on the 19th of Dec.  (Earliest they could get me in due to vacation starting tmr)


    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Any time I find something extremely funny I laugh to the point of tears and then it just turns into crying.  I am a mess.

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  • Good luck tomorrow @zombiehoohaa!

    Enjoy your vacation @KSMcClary! I think I remember you saying you are going to Europe, right?

    How far along are you? 8+2

    How are things going? Pretty good. It seems like some of the symptoms are just starting to kick in. I had a monster headache yesterday, and trying to eat dinner has been becoming difficult.

    Appointments upcoming/recent? First appointment with the new OB tomorrow.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Super random, but I was nervous that the outfit I have on today was going to end up emphasizing the bloat I have going on, but rather I think this is the thinnest I have looked in a couple weeks. I am counting that as a win!

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? There is a "A dog is forever, not just for Christmas" post that keeps popping up on Facebook that makes me tear up whenever I see it.

    Me: 31 DH:32

    Married 9/2015

    TTC #1 6/2016

    BFP: 4/21/2017 - CP
    Dx Unexplained IF 6/2017
    Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI 7/2017 - Cancelled (overstimulated)
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #1 - BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #2 -BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI#3 - BFP! EDD July 15 2018
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  • Pinky917  Thanks! Good luck with your appointment as well!

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  • How far along are you?

    How are things going?

    Going okay so far- yesterday and today I’ve had some pain/discomfort in my lower back. I tried sleeping only on my left side last night and doing lots of stretching. That seemed to help today, my wed md brain is saying it could be sciatica or just my body getting ready for baby. I’m hopibg it doesn’t continue because I was really uncomfortable. 

    Appointments upcoming/recent?

    Had my Glucose test on saturday/ no phone calls so I’m thinking it went okay. They said they would only call if needed. My next isn’t until 12/19. 


    My DH is amazing, very supportive and he is the cook in our house. He keeps insisting I eat more dinner, or more veggies, or more whatever. “Since I’m eating for two” I’ve explained to him that- that is not how it works- he’s driving me bananas! And I have no appetite. I’m like please just let me be.....

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately?

    Clearly food- and eating or not lol Also- I have no patience at work. My boss is extremely needy and I cater to him and love our relationship but lately I’m like- get it yourself or giving him sass for no reason. 

  • @zombiehoohaa Good luck tomorrow!!

    @mrsj1215 sorry you weren’t feeling well- I’m glad your hubby pitched in- and double score on cinnamon rolls- now I want some!!! Lol

    @KSMcClary I hear you on the nausea- I had to eat lunch today next to an open window so I couldn’t smell the cooked broccoli...

    @Pinky917 Feeling not bloated and thin, what a win!!! I felt that way for some of yesterday and managed to take a quick first “bump” picture! 
  • @catftm2018 Thank you.. Luckily feeling better today!! Hope your back gets to feeling better soon! And yes the cinnamon rolls definetly earned DH some points! I'm not going to admit how many I ate! Lol
  • How far along are you? 7+4 How are things going? Fine, besides cramping and spotting and exhaustion.... Appointments upcoming/recent? 12/22 (seems like ten years away) Rants/Raves/Questions? Any other FTM losing sleep wondering if you’re doing something wrong? GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Every time I see a baby at the store or somewhere I tear up and make googly eyes at him/her
  • How far along are you? 8w4d

    How are things going? Pretty good considering... I’m exhausted and my boobs hurt all the time. 

    Appointments upcoming/recent? I had my first appointment and US on Friday which was great! My next is January 2nd, so keeping positive thoughts until then.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I had a flu shot yesterday and that shit hurts! I’ve never had one before and am kind of regretting it haha

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? This is so sad but also funny. This weekend I made a PB&J and my husband, trying to be funny, decided to Bobby Flay CRUNCHIFY it by crunching up a fortune cookie and shoving it inside. I legit broke down in hysterics because I was SO SAD he had ruined my sandwich. We laughed about it 10 minutes later but at the time it was devastating. 

  • samjjorgensensamjjorgensen member
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    @pregnant_and_paleo I think he learned his lesson about not messing with a pregnant lady’s food :lol:
  • catftm2018  Thank you! The appointment went great! Baby has a strong heartbeat. Measuring just 1 day behind, which is still great! I was shocked, teary eyed. My doctor had to remind me multiple times to take this victory. She did say that until we hit 12 weeks, miscarriage can happen. However, she didn't seemed worried. 

    I hope you're back is doing better. Hopefully you get to enjoy food at some point.

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  • @pregnant_and_paleo Right!?!? I'll take it. Every little thing worries me, everything. FX to us for happier thoughts as we go along this journey!

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  • @zombiehoohaa I was so happy to hear your good news!!!! 

    And thank you! 
  • How far along are you? 9 weeks today 

    How are things going? My nausea has actually gone away, which only worries me. My skin is terrible and I'm still pretty tired/sore boobs, but that seems to have eased up slightly. 

    Appointments upcoming/recent? OB appointment on Monday, and it can't come soon enough. I need to see another ultrasound!

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Does anyone else have trouble believing they're still pregnant? I just constantly think I'm going to go to my next appointment and there will be no heartbeat. I need to get a handheld ultrasound so I can check in on it, because it's making me too anxious and I still haven't told anyone besides family that I'm expecting. I met a girl today who is 5 weeks pregnant, and I was shocked at how confident she was to just be able to tell everyone and assume it will work out.

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Anxiety about the above.

  • How far along are you? 9 weeks + 2 days

    How are things going? They were going great! Started very lightly spotting today and very mildly cramping. Went to my dr for an ultrasound and everything looked perfect. Baby is there with a strong heartbeat wiggling around. 

    Appointments upcoming/recent? See above. Then next week going for my “first appt” to get measurements and possibly further testing. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Anyone else had/have spotting? 

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Works been driving me crazy. I’m going to quit working when baby comes and if I do start working again, it’ll be a new part time job. I can’t wait to be done with this one. 

  • zombiehoohaazombiehoohaa member
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    rachelsogo I had spotting middle of last week and was put on pelvic bed rest until I saw the dr today. I'm currently 7 +2 weeks. Thankfully the spotting has stopped. The dr was not concerned either. Fx for the cramping and spotting to stop for you. 

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  • @rachelsogo same here with spotting... it’s hella scary!!! I’m glad your US was a happy reassurance that things are going okay though!! 
    @ckmb_knottie I feel ya on the wondering if you’re still pregnant thought.... every.single.minute I worry I’m not...especially since I’m not having crazy symptoms. It’s probably best we both chill the eff out though because I’m sure the worry isn’t helping our little blueberries.... 
  • How far along are you? 10 weeks 3 days

    How are things going? They’re going well despite being on insulin and being hypothyroid.

    Appointments upcoming/recent? Had first ultrasound November 17th at what I thought was 8 weeks 4 days, but measured a week behind at 7w4d, changing due date to July 2nd. My doc didn’t seem worried since I don’t have a regular cycle. My NIPT testing and next ultrasound are on the 15th! Can’t wait.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Any high-risk mamas out there have advice on how to stay calm? Lol

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Probably mainly my health and concern for baby. Also, my BF could be in a totally nice mood and I’ll find some reason to be hurt over what he says. Ugh, ready for my extra crazy side to go back into hiding. 

  • How far along are you? 6W 4D

    How are things going? Pretty good. SOOOO tired.

    Appointments upcoming/recent? US on 12/16! 9 days and can't wait

    Rants/Raves/Questions? It looks like I'm going to have to come into work this Saturday. We need to try and get everything done by the end of the year and so I'll have to start putting in a little extra time. I can't come in the following weekend because of US appointment and holiday parties so this Saturday it is. It's fine, it's usually more relaxed, but still.

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Ugh.....everything? I will be watching a movie and randomly start tearing up. Especially in the lovey dovey moments. I've never been like that so it's new for me. Also I always freak out when MH doesn't do a task a give him. I used to be more relaxed but now forget it. The whole clearing out the second bedroom closet task seems soooo daunting right now.

    Me: 30 |  DH: 34
    Started Dating: November 2011
    Married: August 2015
    TTC #1 Since: August 2017
    BFP: November 2017

  • How far along are you? 10 weeks today

    How are things going? I've been feeling a little less nauseous, but only just a little. Figured out which foods seem to make it worse for me so now I'm avoiding those. Other than that, I've decided my boobs are demons from hell, they aren't sore, they flat out hurt. Like involuntary tears down my face when I take the bra off. I was already in talks with doctors about getting a reduction before I got pregnant.

    Appointments upcoming/recent? We had our first OB appointment at the beginning of the week, my midwife wasn't able to find a heartbeat with the doppler, which they warned me ahead of time might be the case. Trying not to let that make me panic, but it's hard. Blood work all looked great, and first ultrasound is scheduled for 12/14, trying to stay positive.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? First of all, has everyone in my life always been this annoying? LOL. Also, apparently I'm only able to eat super healthy food these days, which is great but sucks at the same time. It was one thing to give up my whiskey, but now I have to give up my burritos? Rude, kid, just rude. Anytime I think about eating anything that isn't like a brown rice bowl with kale and cashew cheese the nausea comes back full force.

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? I've been a little more irritable than normal, but I think that has to more with my anxiety about not having an ultra sound yet and the bit of reassurance that comes with knowing things are going as they should. Otherwise, I've been pretty even keel. The few times I've felt some tears well up is when DH (who is always amazing) does something really extra sweet and it just makes me think about how great he's going to be as a dad.

  • How far along are you? 9w2D

    How are things going? 

    pretty well. Nausea has abated, boob pain calmed down. Still super thirsty and outrageous dreams followed by nightly insomnia. 

    Appointments upcoming/recent?

    I met my Ob today whom was great & got an u/s; saw the little guy moving around. Today it really started to sink in that this might happen finally - after years of trying!


    I’m wondering if the bloat is here to stay, or if it will go down a bit when I come off progesterone @10 weeks.... I am so puffy in the middle it’s absurd & hard to hide.

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately?

    Everything! I have to talk myself down from confrontation on the subway, and then 2 min later I struggle to contain the tears. Damn hormones!

  • How far along are you? 10w today!

    How are things going? Pretty well. Just tired and lazy but no MS (it's been mild for me). Getting hungrier and still dealing with sore boobs especially in the am. Started experiencing some round ligament pain...not fun.

    Appointments upcoming/recent? Second appointment on Monday. I just cannot wait as I need to see the babe and its heartbeat!

    Rants/Raves/Questions? My house is a mess, I have so much to do. But I just wanna lay on the couch instead! I also get annoyed at random things and sometimes snap at DH. 

    GTKY: What have you been overly emotional about lately? Pretty much at everything that involves babies and families, especially now that it's getting closer to Christmas!

    @ckmb_knottie I worry all the time too but I'm really trying not to anymore because I don't need bad juju. I had a strong HB at 8w3d which puts me at ease, I need to focus more on staying positive. But I do worry about going to the appointment on Monday and finding something wrong, although the anxiety is now shifting to the genetic screening part!! Of course, right??? Trying to enjoy being pregnant for now:)

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