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  • A little rant here ladies.  Today is CD1 :(  But on top of the normal let down / sadness I called my clinic (we are supposed to start cycle monitoring for additional diagnostics today) and the message said they are not receiving any more CD1 patients for cycle monitoring due to the holiday closure.  And they won't start again until Jan 2.  I know in the scheme of things this is just one more cycle BUT we were really hoping to be moving on to medication and/or IUI in January.  Because all of our testing is in the normal range except my low AMH I'm freaked out that every month is creeping me closer to an even lower ovarian reserve and will hurt us when we finally get our IVF (we're on a wait list).  ARGH!  I just keep telling myself it doesn't really matter because our RE has told us we should go straight to IVF and everything else is just while we are waiting (we are opting for the round covered by our provincial healthcare program but it has a 8 mos - 1 yr wait list). 

    @echocharlietango So sorry :(  I'm also unexplained IF and have been TTC for 23 months.  

    @BWhitta OMG you are a much stronger person than I am.  There is no way I could do maternity and baby shots all day.  I'm freaking out about Christmas with my extended family because there are like 3 new moms and 8 kids until 4.  

    @GoldenKeys I was using mobile before I didn't see the ads.  Now I definitely do.  Some look like they are based on my search history (winter tires and shoes lol) but then there are all these "your baby deserves the best" and crap. 
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  • @moloninge - welcome! I'm sorry you find yourself here, but hope you find support on this board. :)

    @Worldtravler0522 - gah! It's like a TWW for the ERA results! Faster, faster!

    @soehlerk - I'm sorry for the BFN & AF. But keeping FX for you next round.
    I am just so tired of being sad.  I never thought of myself as a care-free person before, but man, do I miss those days.  
    This struck a nerve with me. I feel the same way. IF is brutal, particularly when you're actively undergoing treatments.

    @Bababatty - OMG, a bed bug?!?! I would LOSE it!!! I'm so sorry!!!
    Glad to hear you have a plan going forward!

    @beec2421 - Welcome, I hope you find support here! 

    @mac627 - so happy for you and glad things are going well!

    @wishing-and-hoping - I love that holiday decorating gif. Cute! Welcome to the check-in.

    @eranvo27 - glad your dad got to go home. I hear you on the weight thing. Last November, before I started all the treatments, I weighed less. I've tried and tried and tried and losing the weight I've gained this year seems impossible. This last few months I've plateaued - the scale just won't budge. And it makes me feel like: "Why is EVEN THIS a struggle?" I've been counting calories, exercising, everything. (But I did eat a LOT of chocolate when my FET failed.)

    My friends with babies though? They're losing the weight no problem. Going on these long maternity leave walks, breastfeeding, whatever... it's melting off them. Ugh. Yet again, IF sucks.

    @SoonToBeMommaHowe - haha, glad you got some good photos!

    @lablover78 - welcome back! FX for your IVF!

    @tops-2 - keeping FX for you this TWW!

    @BenJay - I hope the new job is going well. I totally agree - I mean, when you've been TTC for a while, sometimes BD is not, err, the most appealing thing. Throw a commute and sleep apnea on top of that? No thanks. LOL.

    @hoffmanr7 - I'm so so so excited for your IVF! Keeping FX hard for you!

    @kiwielopingbride - it doesn't matter what I do - every month, during my FW, I think: "maybe this is the time". Every single FW. Hope: a blessing and a curse. I'm sorry about CD1.

    The Christmas closures suck. I'm sorry about that too. Hoping once January comes, you get started quickly. Are you moving to IVF now? If so, do you have to suppress?

    @thothscribe81 - Glad you got some good news as work! It's extra nice when that happens while you're dealing with IF - it's like: "at least not everything is bad", you know?

    @echocharlietango - Do you have plans for your anniversary?

    @BWhitta - I might check that book out! Thanks for the recommendation!

    AFM: Not much new here. Just waiting for January. I'm actually glad to have a cycle off between FETs - I hate the wait, but the PIO bruises were a little uncomfortable. It's nice not to just be injecting on bruise sites every few days.
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  • @kiwielopingbride I'm so sorry things are pushed back for you!  I consider myself lucky that my RE office is open 365 days a year, they even have staff stay over night if there are snow storms in the forecast so they make sure someone is there to do any time sensitive tests etc...  I hope things get rolling for you in early January!
  • Just did my first IUI (intrauterine insemination) this morning,
    Alittle annoyed with my husband being an overachiever with a sperm count of 800 million
  • @Bwhitta thank you for that recommendation!  I will definitely check out that book!

    I'm with you--it's incredibly hard to stay positive and relaxed through all of this.  Ugh, family.
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  • @BWhitta you are amazing for working with pregnant women and newborns on a regular basis. holy moly.  you really are. i just want to give you props.  i don't know why this gif is so big, but maybe it was meant to be.
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    July 2018 IVF, developed lead follicle, converted to TI, BFN
    August/September 2018 IVF converted to freeze-all: 7 mature eggs; we fertilized 3 and froze 4. 3/3 fertilized and 1 blast!
    October 2018 FET-BFN
    November 2018 FET-TBD

  • @wishing-and-hoping aww, haha, thank you!!!! I like to (have to...) believe that this was all somehow meant to be!  

    @Knottie1467155066 FX!!!!!!!!! My husband has super sperm, too :neutral: we don’t discuss it, haha.  

    @soehlerk I really do love it, let me know what you think!!!!!!!!

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  • @BWhitta
    Ya well doctor told us to have intercourse last night and this morning just to make sure we covered all our bases, but I think the count got to his head because he hasn't been able to go.... Which has never been an issue until now so I think the amazing count has gotten to his head, like I thought it would.

    Stupid question, do you think it would be bad for me to ask the doctor of doing a second IUI today since we haven't be able to make it happen at home?
  • ***Post includes TW***
    I have been going stir crazy as another month comes and goes without a normal AF. I had only spotted in October for a few days and November was the same thing. I honestly felt like giving up and was angry that I had no anwers while waiting for testing. I felt like every month without AF was another missed oppurtunity. *TW* Saturday I woke up with the worst cold and a sore chest. I took a test on a whim in the middle of the afternoon and it was positive. I have no idea how far along I am, or honestly how this could be true, without a period. I am going to the ob on Friday for some answers *End TW*
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  • Good luck @MicahDahn
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  • @MicahDahn FX!!!!! Can't wait to hear an update!!!!!!  

    @Knottie1467155066 Ugh, that's the worst...that would happen to my husband a lot when we first started trying because he was traveling for work and I was like super stressed out about timing and making him do it before he had to leave for the airport, haha.  I have no idea about IUI, it doesn't hurt to ask but I would just try to stay calm now and force some positive thoughts!  

    AFM, I am so's CD17 and I don't think I've ovulated yet.  This hasn't happened before, usually I ovulate right on time when I am on Femara.  I ran out of OPKs on CD14 so was just kind of like screw it, but of course broke down and bought more yesterday, now today I've gotten 2 pretty dark lines, still not as dark as the control though.  Argh.  So frustrating!!!!!  I hate not knowing when I O because then I can't POAS obsessively once I hit 9DPO, haha.  Oh well.  
    Married for 5 years, TTC for 3 years
    PCOS, Low AMH, Endo, Uterine Fibroids, Low Estrogen...
    and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. 
    3 Losses, 8/16 11/16 and 6/2017  o:)
  • Thank you so much @BWhitta!
    Thanks @lablover78!
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

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