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yall i need some help! Baby boy just turned 5 months and will NOT nap. He cat naps if we are in the car running around. But at home now way. He cries and cries for an hour. I will go consol him, give him his pack etc (I don’t let him scream for an hour by himself) but nothing. We are going on 47 min right now. This is my third but I have never experienced his before. He sleeps at night just not during the day (unless I am holding him). Any advice??? 

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  • What is your bedtime routine and how does it compare to naptime?
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  • @lesrobus my LO is the same way. he sleeps great at night and goes down easily. before we started daycare he would nap most times falling asleep on his own in his pack n play, but now he's back to only wanting to be held on the weekends when we nap at home.  at daycare they tell me he just plays until he gets so tired he falls asleep and they move him to his crib.  we've gotten him to nap a few times at home in the pack n play but it's not easy and i generally give up and just have my husband or i hold him so he gets some sleep.  i don't know what to do either!
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