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The Odds of NOT having an Early Miscarriage

Hi ladies,

This post was a huge comfort back when I was in my previous BMB. All credit goes to @l4rk for the following: 

Hello Ladies!

I've noticed that no matter how many times I look up miscarriages rates, I walk away feeling only slightly better (at best). I'm the kind of person who finds reassurance in statistics, but for some reason, all of the existing posts weren't doing it for me. And then I realized why: articles on miscarriage focus on the chances you're going to miscarry and all the comments share miscarriage stories--they don't focus on how many people DON'T have miscarriages and go on to have happy, healthy babies! 

I adapted this week-by-week chart and modified it so that it would focus on the positive rather than the negative! Since I found the positive spin benefiting my peace of mind, I thought it might benefit some of you too.

By the way, anyone in this January 2016 club already has a better chance of NOT having a miscarriage than having one... The numbers are on your side! 

ProgressProbability of NOT having a miscarriage
3W, 0D67%
3W, 1D67.10%
3W, 2D67.40%
3W, 3D68%
3W, 4D68.70%
3W, 5D69.70%
3W, 6D70.80%
4W, 0D72%
4W, 1D73.50%
4W, 2D74.80%
4W, 3D76.40%
4W, 4D77.90%
4W, 5D79.50%
4W, 6D81.10%
5W, 0D82.70%
5W, 1D84.20%
5W, 2D85.60%
5W, 3D87%
5W, 4D88.30%
5W, 5D89.50%
5W, 6D90.60%
6W, 0D91.60%
6W, 1D92.50%
6W, 2D93.40%
6W, 3D94.10%
6W, 4D94.70%
6W, 5D95.30%
6W, 6D95.70%
7W, 0D96.10%
7W, 1D96.50%
7W, 2D96.80%
7W, 3D97%
7W, 4D97.20%
7W, 5D97.40%
7W, 6D97.50%
8W, 0D97.60%
8W, 1D97.70%
8W, 2D97.80%
8W, 3D97.80%
8W, 4D97.90%
8W, 5D97.90%
8W, 6D97.90%
9W, 0D97.90%
9W, 1D (and on)98%+

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Re: The Odds of NOT having an Early Miscarriage

  • OMG!!! Thank you for this! PGAL brain is no joke. Seeing that I’m more likely than not to have a successful pregnancy is so reassuring (for at least a few minutes ‘til the anxiety starts creeping back...)
  • I remember this from my last BMB too! Thank you SO much for re-posting. 
  • This is so nice to see. However .... *TW* .... when I did have one I was in the 1% or less I guess, because baby stopped growing around 10 weeks, so it just makes me not confident that I won't be in the minority again. Although I have had two healthy babies since. I hate how PGAL brain never fully goes away.
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  • @alinafed yep all my pgal brain sees is how I still ‘defied’ the odds. Twice. 

    11/18/16 missed m/c 9w1
    05/2017 cp
    08/03/17 no hb 8w

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    @derbysquirrel I literally look at this every day.  
    TTC history in spoiler: 

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    IVF - ER #3 5/15 (1R- 0 viable for transfer)
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    Aug 17: Donor chosen! Anticipating a Nov cycle after testing is complete. 
    Nov 17: DE IVF ER 11/27 (35R, 19 F) Dec 2nd Transfer!
    Dec 12: BFP! 

  • 7425cait7425cait member
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    Thank you so much for posting this 
  • This just made me feel about a million times better, thank you! 
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