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Weekly Appointments • 12/4

New week, new set of appointments! What's coming up this week for you?

Tomorrow is my first appt (at 8 +6). They're going to give us a dating ultrasound, and DH is excited to go with me. It's still not too real for him (we're both being cautious since we're not out of the dark), so I hope that we can hear the heartbeat right away, FX
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Re: Weekly Appointments • 12/4

  • I have my first appointment on Thursday! I’ll be 8w2d. I go to a mixed OB/midwife practice and I saw the midwives my first pregnancy (loved it). I scheduled my first appointment with the midwife who delivered me and I’m so excited to chat with her about this pregnancy. 

    We wont get an US until 20 weeks unless I need a dating scan or they suspect some other issue, which is unfortunate. They will probably just do a pelvic exam. 

    We will see what the appointment brings! 

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  • Dating US on 12-6-17! So excited!
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  • I had another US today to follow up Friday's appointment. The bleeding has stopped and new US looked great. The baby is measuring right at 7 weeks and the heartbeat is strong. My next appointment is this Friday
  • Wednesday is the day! FINALLY! Fingers crossed there is a baby and heartbeat. Hopefully I get to add to the ultrasound board. 

    @echocharlietango I'm sending you tons of positive thoughts for your appointment and us. 

    @djh513 That's a bummer they won't do a us yet. Glad you get to meet with the midwife you are comfortable with. 
    @ajsanders-2 Appointment twins! Good luck! 

    @Crystal321 I'm so glad the bleeding has stopped for you and everything is looking great! Love this news!!!

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  • First appointment on Friday morning!  Can’t wait to see my little nugget  <3
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  • We had our first appointment today!  I had an US and there was one tiny gummy bear in there with a heart flickering and beating at a rate of 162.  I measured a little earlier than I thought I would, but I had suspected that I might have ovulated late, which it appears I did.  Due date is now 7/20 and I am 7+3.  It is starting to feel real!!!
  • Also have our first appointment on Wednesday! So excited. Really hoping for an ultrasound. I know first appt is mostly tests, forms, and meet&greet stuff, but I'm also going to be 9 weeks 5 days, seems like we oughta do an U/S right? I don't want to wait!
  • Had to move my big hospital appt to Dec 28, when I will be 10 weeks. I'm only disappointed based on the thought that there might be an ultrasound but I don't know if there will be. Have an appt this Thursday at on 12/7 though, so at least that's something!

  • I have my first appointment today!! I was sooo sick yesterday and DS is home with a fever today so I’m trying to find someone to watch my kids so I can go
  • My appointment got moved from next Friday to this Thursday! I am so excited but nervous because I am measuring 7+1 today so I'm afraid it will be too early.  Is it normal for due dates to get pushed back? my LMP was 10/16 so my EDD is 7/23.  We want to announce at Christmas because that will be exactly 10 weeks but nervous they will push back the Due Date because I've heard that a lot on these boards and I dont want to announce earlier then 10 weeks.
  • Good luck @hillbillywife today and everyone else with appointments on the way!

    I'm graduating to my OBGYN team, and met with my NP today, at 9 weeks +2. DH asked if she was going to check on the baby, so she pulled out the portable ultrasound and we got to see another image and be reassured! Baby kind of looks like a miniature teddy bear with no ears on top, haha.
  • Thanks @sm05-2! It went well! Glad you got to see a healthy babe today too!
  • Had my prenatal Intake today at 7+6! Lots of blood draws and a good ole flu shot. It was nice actually sitting down with the prenatal nurse today since she's been my go to during my miscarriages but we haven't been face to face since my intake with my son's pregnancy. So far so good (dating scan w/ heartbeat was last week), but she added calcium and DHA to my vitamin list and is pretty adamant about getting me back on antidepressants, even during pregnancy. C'est la vie. I'm so appreciative for how supportive she's being for this pregnancy, though. Great prenatal care professionals are one of the most wonderful yet underated things in the world, to me. It's such a relief! 

    Good luck with your appointments this week, ladies! 
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  • Maybe I'm weird and the only one, but I really have a hard time falling asleep in any position other than flat on my stomach - so I'm going to be screwed in a couple of months.  I saw these air mattress/body pillow things with big holes in the middle for sticking your belly in so you can sleep on your stomach. I'm super tempted, or I might just create something similar on my own.

    Has anyone used one of these or have any clever tricks for sleeping comfortably/safely with a baby?  I just don't think I'll be able to sleep on my side. I'm a restless sleeper... one position will not do it. 

    I saw a matress with a big belly hole cut into it on craigslist  :D that'll be me if I get desperate  >:)  
  • @lavillard if you can be a back sleeper, you can sleep on your back at an incline. Sometimes when my hips hurt too bad to switch sides I had to do this. I have no idea about the tummy though!
  • Had my first appt today. Typical urine sample, pelvic exam, and chatting with my midwife. She scheduled an ultrasound for next Thursday to “make sure we have a good due date” (which is comical bc DH and I had sex 1 time in October, soooo). But I am NOT complaining!

    Scheduled my next 2 normal appts for January 4 and February 1. 

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  • Bahahaha, @djh513, one and done! I was tracking my temperature and we got pregnant on our honeymoon...even though we had plenty of fun I'm pretty sure it happened within 24 hours of us getting there based on temps ;)
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