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Let's share our ideas for telling family about baby over the holidays


Re: Let's share our ideas for telling family about baby over the holidays

  • I like to think I will be getting my mom and my MIL a Christmas ornament announcing we are expecting but wouldn't be surprised if I just blab it out to them in the next two weeks. :#
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  • @HeatherLeane Where did you find that shirt? I’d love to get one for DS.
    I found it on Etsy. They have a ton of cute ones from all different sellers. 
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  • I think we’re doing the shirt thing too. I’m going to try to snap a pic of DS taking it out of a box and then probably put it in our parents Christmas cards. I’ll post it on FB after the holidays. 
  • I have my 2nd ultrasound on the 18th so as long as everything is progressing I will be adding another stocking this year. 
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  • We told parents and our sisters they Day we found out. We had an early loss before and heaven forbid something happen again they are great support and I didn’t want to blind side them. We’ll tell our kids after the first US . I’ll probably make a public announcement around my birthday in March.
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  • H wants to wait until we get our blood tests back so we won’t be telling until then. I’d like to tell my mom when we visit in January. I have a big sister shirt for DD to wear. I’ll just put it on her and see how long the freak out and tears take to come. My mom wasn’t speaking to me during my first pregnancy so I didn’t tell her I was pregnant until I was in 3rd tri 
  • I JUST found out, which was perfect because I was just finishing up my Christmas shopping. I bought my husband a “Man Crate” (which is an amazing idea of a brand) and in the personalized note I will mention the pregnancy. I’m so excited to see his reaction! The hard part will be when his family and I go to paint nite on Christmas Eve Eve because I know we all were planning on drinking. I will have to secretly order virgin beverages to keep them from suspecting. 
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    @bria12lane I would talk to her separately before hand... talk/cry it out and let her know you want to tell the family but you are coming to her first because you are sensitive to her situation and her emotions. This will give her time to process it on her own and make the decision if she wants to be there for the real announcement.
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    Were planning on telling our kids on Christmas. I still am looking for a good way (9 and 6 year old boys) so let me know if you have ideas. I'm not sure how we're going to tell our familes! I'm actually kind of nervous. We were the poster children of being done having kids, so I might afraid of the judgement. My mother in lAw is very intuitive and was hinting  it was going to happen right before it did, but she's a blab so I think we will wait until things are farther along. 
  • (Sorry if I’m not replying correctly still getting the hang of this bump boards boxes)

    im in a similar situation with my best friend. I really like that part of telling her separate and first. I am thinking will do this. We are going to wait to tell everyone until 2nd trimester. But I will tell her different then everyone else. I don’t want to hurt her, and she may not be excited for me, and that is okay. But I want to deliver it the right way. 
  • I got a big brother shirt for my son to wear on Christmas. We’ll see how long it takes anyone to notice. They’ll probably notice that I’m not drinking before they’ll notice the shirt  :D
    This is what we are doing too and waiting to see who will notice!
  • We have 3 separate groups of family members that we will be announcing to. We are seeing my grandmother (who is more like my mom since she raised me) on Christmas eve day and I am making her an ornament that says "great grandbaby #2 is due August 2018". We'll see my dad Christmas eve night and for a his gift we got him a shirt that says "Bampa" (what my daughter calls him) and we will sign the card from Rylee and baby #2. We will see my husband's family on Christmas and my daughter will be opening the last present and it will have a book about becoming a big sister in it as well as a shirt that says " I'm going to be a big sister!"
  • Bought a "Baby on Board" shirt from Etsy and plan to come down to breakfast on Saturday (Dec 23rd) wearing it.  Didn't want to do Christmas Eve/Christmas day because I didn't want to make the Holiday "about me"! Only revealing to family this way (as will only be 7ish weeks at that time) and plan to do a more widespread pregnancy announcement early in 2nd trimester! (Also have a "cousins make the best friends" shirt and onesie for baby Cromie's cousins) I already caved and told my mom over the phone, though, because she would've figured it out anyway! 
  • I told DH by having DS bring him a book that’s titled ‘I’m a big brother’ so I’m thinking I’ll wrap that and have DS open it at my and my husbands immediate family gift openings. We won’t tell the wider family circle until we’re further along but definitely want to tell our parents and siblings. 

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  • @bria12lane My sister just had a miscarriage right before Thanksgiving. I plan to tell her separately ahead of time and then share with my immediate family when we are together for Christmas. She does know we have been TTC, so it won’t be a complete surprise, but I don’t want to catch her off guard or cause anymore emotional pain! 
  • I am loving all of these ideas! I am still trying to decide if we should wait longer, or go ahead and tell family. It's almost too good of timing to pass up.
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  • I am very hesitant to tell people this early, but I know my family will know if I'm not drinking, even if I attempt all the drinking tricks. I'd rather just tell them and hope for the best. We are doing a paint & sip with my parents and brothers on Friday that's "ugly sweater" themed, so I ordered this shirt to wear under my sweater. I figure I'll wait to take my sweater off until people ask where our drinks are.


    We'll wait until the end of first tri to do a big announcement to friends or share anything on social media.

  • Ugh that's what I am more worried about - I swear I am not an alcoholic but the Holidays our families like to drink.... ugh!
  • @laurad75 I am an only child too, and my in-laws already have two grandchildren so telling my parents was super special. I bet your dad will be thrilled!
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  • My 7yo is a huge Star Wars fan. I found a shirt on Etsy that has Yoda on the front with “A big secret, I have.” The back has another pic of Yoda with “A big brother I will be.” We’re going to let him unwrap it on Christmas morning. Then he’ll wear it to our respective family Christmases, and we’ll see how long it takes people to figure it out. 
  • I got a Santa pic of my boys with a sign that says "Santa is bringing us a baby sibling in August 2018." I am going to show our families on Christmas. I may tell my family this coming weekend when we are decorating my parents' tree, because I did buy an ornament of our family for this year in which the mama snowman has a baby bump.

  • These are all good ideas. I wanted to get shirts made or something but I've been holding off. I'd hate to spend the money if, God forbid, something happens. (Bad anxiety brain). My first appointment is Dec. 19, so maybe we will feel better after that and I can get something made.

  • @melprop I was just going to get a simple “Big Brother” shirt, but now I’m tempted to get that one!
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  • I love this thread so much!! So many great ideas! This is our first, but we have a niece on my side and a nephew on my husband's, both under 18 months. I bought them each a "Big Cousin" t-shirt that we're going to give them when we see them, then have them put on before the rest of each family arrives and wait to enjoy the reactions. Everyone knows we've been trying, but I don't think anyone suspects it actually happened yet! I am a little nervous about telling everyone at 7 weeks but figure we'd tell them anyways if this one doesn't work out. Good luck everyone!
  • So this is what i made for my 2 year old to wear to tell my husband. (Forgot to take pic of pants after I made them lol) baby and my son will likely be close to sharing a bday. So we are using the same announcement we used for him, just crossing out the 5 and adding an 8 lol
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    My husband’s parents have four grandkids so far, so we got a frame that says grandchildren and will put in pictures of all the kids, and one spot will have a note that says “photo coming August 2018.” The frame will be given to them on Christmas Eve. We are so excited to tell them! We told my sister the day we found out. 
  • I got a shirt made that says "Guess what Santa's bringing me?" with an arrow pointing at the belly. 

  • We are telling my moms family on Christmas Eve and I haven’t figured out how yet. 
    On Christmas we are spending the day with my husband’s family and bought this shirt for our son to wear. It says August 2018 instead of June. 

  • We're doing a traditional Jewish 'Chinese food on Christmas,' so we're telling my parents then. We want to get my dad a t-shirt from one of his favorite sports teams that says 'Grandpa' on it, but we're having trouble finding it. No idea what to get my mom. 

    We're going to tell DH's parents a few days later. We want to find something with a 7 on it, since this will be their 7th grandchild. 

    We've already told like ten people, which I feel good that I told them, but worried that I did. We told my brother and his wife (since she's KU), a couple we're friends with (since they're having a baby in April), my cousin, my best friend, and DH's three best friends from the Army. There's one more couple I want to tell, but DH said not to tell anyone else. 
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    We bought a onesie on Etsy that says “Big Sister, August 2018. We are going to wrap it up for our 11 month old daughter to open at my parents on Christmas and my husband’s parents on Christmas eve :) I have a feeling our families are going to be super surprised ;)

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  • This is how we announced to MIL last night at her Christmas! She LOVES Christmas, so the ornament idea works well for her. It’s just paint rolled around inside the ornaments (DH and I each made one), and I used a paint pen to write on the outside. I didn’t put a month on it, because my EDD is 8/1, so I could potentially give birth in July and I don’t have my first appointment until 1/10 to see where the doctor thinks I am.e a
  • I bought a bright yellow Big Brother shirt for LO when I told DH.  So maybe I'll just use that to tell my immediate family?  I will be staying with them for a week and I would feel guilty pouring out that much wine to keep BIL from noticing.  I would rather tell them than have someone call me out for not drinking...that's not a fun way to tell them.
  • We already told our moms and brothers. We might tell more family over Christmas. I don’t mind telling people early, I just don’t want My work to know yet. And of course we have “Beers and Cheers” on Wednesday 
  • Well, I ordered this shirt:

    Just hoping it gets here before Christmas. The shipping window says between 12/20 and 12/26. I just wasn’t going to pay $30 for shipping!
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  • Yeah, I'll wait until 2nd tri to do like the social media announcement thing.  And if it's a girl, a valentine announcement with our son would be adorbs! 
  • This is the shirt I got for my son to wear on Christmas to tell family. 


  • I tried to do this all in one post, but for all my fellow yogis I found this on etsy. I’m going to buy it for myself after my ultrasound on Thursday as long as all is good, and probably do something with it on social media in the second trimester to announce. I thought it was so cute. 
  • I called my mom right after I told DH, because I just couldn't keep it from her. And I know it's super early, but we're going to tell DH's family on Christmas Eve because his sisters is KU and we want to tell everybody together. They won't be expecting it from either of us, so I'm really excited. Then I got a Big Cousin shirt for my niece to open on Christmas day in front of my dad and step-mom. I'm a little nervous about telling people early, but I think I'd rather they be there for support in case something does go wrong later.
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