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Milestone Monday 12-4

Happy Monday folks! I'm pretty sure my LO is teething, I hope so. Then at least there's a reason for the screaming at bedtime and super liquidy poops. 
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Re: Milestone Monday 12-4

  • I feel like my LO has been teething for a month now, but no teeth yet.  Not so much random screaming but tons and tons of drool and sticking everything in his mouth.  

    He's been very interested in touching things lately that are in front of him.  Very purposeful grabbing, almost looks like he's turning the pages of books, it's fun!

    I feel like he's *this close* to rolling back onto his back once he gets on his tummy.  Oh and so close to laughing, I can't wait for the big belly laughs!
  • LO is so close to rolling from back to belly! He can get on his side, but can’t figure out how to move his arm to get all the way over. Soon I’m sure! He is also so in love with his big brother. Watches everything he does. It’s so funny to watch LO follow big brother with his eyes! 
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  • @Cynth0104 my LO was the same way for just a day or so before getting all the way over!  He really ended up just swinging his legs to get over, which I think is why he hasn't rolled back yet as that needs more arm strength.
  • LO has recently started reaching for toys and is beginning to explore them. She loves
    watching big brother and is finding more things to laugh at. 

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