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Weekday Randoms (12/4-12/5)


Re: Weekday Randoms (12/4-12/5)

  • @pregnant_and_paleo ugh not the oven! They really are sneaky!
  • paytonpedropaytonpedro member
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    @acunamatada Yep! That’s right where I feel it! So crazy to feel it this soon!!
  • @acunamatada we used to live in a super old farmhouse and had them allll the time!! So bad that it brought snakes into the house! FX! 

    @paytonpedro I think I’m too chubby to feel lol. But ive been trying to see if I can feel ute yet. No go for me. 

  • WOAH TB stickied the announcement thread! 
  • @acunamatada and yet ignore the thread starting one lol 
  • @christycalifornia oh my gosh haha that would drive me nuts too
  • Ugh caught a lil field mouse in my son's room! Guess no ones sleeping tonight! 
    But he is kinda cute.. 

    Ahh we found a mouse on our main floor yesterday too! We think we know where it came in and addressed that, but now I feel like our house is filthy since it was running around for who knows how long.. not that I have any motivation to clean
  • @AlyLynn07 right?! I was telling myself all day I was going to deep clean the whole house. All I got to do was catch up on laundry and clean the bathroom... On to tomorrow
  • @acunamatada or the next day..  ;)
  • @lindsayleigh1989 any word on your friends case? Sorry if I missed it in another thread. 

  • @amylu914 thanks for checking sadly another day of no news. It is so ridiculous that they would give a deadline and then just blantantly show no regard for it 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 oh man I am pissed off for you guys. That is unacceptable. I hope tomorrow is the day! 

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