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Monday Bitchfest

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First time I get to start a board!?!

But I had to complain- UGH.... My husband's ex-wife totally just called my husband asking if I was pregnant- (she is the movie quality nightmare of an ex-wife)  We were not looking forward to telling her.....  

This is the 2nd person to guess I was pregnant- I feel like I must be a dude... I can never tell these things on other women?!

Re: Monday Bitchfest

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    @jbosch30 I'm sorry that is so frustrating! also I cant tell either until it is super obvious! 

    edited because apparently half of my post was eaten
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  • @jbosch30 ummm none of her business much. How rude to call your husband and ask him that. Exwife or not, she doesnt need to know now. What did he say to her? My husband's ex wife is a piece of work so I completely understand. 
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  • Mine is just everything this Monday morning. From the coworker who is ALWAYS late to the clients that never write down their appt times to the damn cold that will just not leave. I think I should've taken today off. 
    Married since 5/23/09
    DS #1 born 1/25/10
    DS #2 born 4/25/12
    BFP 2/2016 M/C 3/2016 @ 5 weeks
    Trying for #4 since 11/2015
  • Sorry you’re dealing w crazy ex wife @jbosch30

    i am on week 7 and everything is leaving my body at such an alarming rate that I might go to the hospital to get iv fluids.

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  • I'm annoyed at the tree DH brought home this year (I was sick and didn't go). At the rate this tree is losing needles I'm surprised it's not already dead. 
  • @jbosch30 I can't believe she had the nerve to ask that. I'd be pissed.

    @acunamatada I may have had a dramatic meltdown over our tree last night...we could not get it straight/steady in the stand after 2 days of trying, and I totally blamed it on my husband picking a small tree (since the trunk is too thin for the stand). As if anyone would think to check the width of the trunk in the tree selection process. 
  • @zande2016 we decorated our tree last night and it won't stay up either  :D!!! I lost my mind lol.. I had to tether it to the wall. I hate our tree this year. 
  • My bitchfest today is just everything. My husband worked all weekend so I was alone with my toddler all weekend and was feeling pretty awful. I hate feeling like I didn't get a weekend, and basically nothing got done. This morning was stressful and I got into an argument with my husband because he moved a check I needed to cash, and swore he didn't touch it, but I know he did. I hate when that happens, it just really makes me angry, and I ended up calling him a really childish name and have not spoken to him since. Now I'm at work alone and the phones keep ringing, and I'm annoyed because my administrative assistant knows I'm here alone this morning and hasn't made an effort to come in on time to help with the phones. I also just really dislike my job and want to get out, but after almost a year of looking I still have not found anything that meets my criteria of what I'm looking for. Just feeling really miserable today.  
  • Could not sleep worth crap last night....Monday, be kind.
  • @acunamatada lol I may have told my husband to just throw the tree into the woods and that we weren't going to have a Christmas tree this year...we sort of found a solution though, we wedged a piece of wood (actually a wooden paintbrush because it was all we could find) between the trunk and one of the screws, which seems to have helped a little. Then I battled with the lights for a couple hours, re-doing them 3 times, all the while swearing we were going to get an artificial tree next year. 
  • Morning sickness started this morning in full force. Apparently my boss is in a bad mood this morning too. So basically she should watch out because if she decides to be bi-polar at me I might rip her head off.
  • DS woke up a bit sick this morning and was pretty restless last night. Shortly after i brought him to our bed this morning DH decides to go all out with lights and noise as he gets ready. In the meantime I’m trying to soothe DS and get him to keep sleeping. Why must he do this?!???

    3 wks till winter vacation and then i start my new position. Can i just like completely check out of my current position already? I’m pretty useless right now with baby brains to begin with.
  • I'm so sick. Coughing up all sorts of nastiness, awful cold and I can't breathe. I'm at work because I have a project to finish and I took Friday off for my US and appointment. I feel like I'm going to fall on my face.
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  • Just about everything. Maybe because I am just really tired or what. Everything is annoying me. ugh!
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  • I told the person who I was anxious to tell we are pregnant (she is trying to get pregnant again too. When I got pregnant with DS she was trying to get pregnant with their 1st and when I "beat" her she got really upset). 

    This time she handled it well....or so I thought. Now shes texting non stop with research from when she was pregnant (uh...this is my 3rd time but thanks??) and making her life suddenly seem so bad. 2 days ago she was all sunshine and rainbows! UGH I'm just over it! I have so much more to think about or worry about! 

  • H locked my keys in my car last night. I didn't figure it out until I was getting ready to leave for work. He has the only other key and was long gone. I wanted to rip his face off, but luckily I have a flexible job and am now working from home in my sweatpants. 
  • @zg49 I'm sorry, that conversation can be difficult. We have friends who have been struggling with infertility for years that we wanted to tell before we started sharing with others, and we were outed at a memorial over the weekend by another friend who was drunk and called me out for not drinking. It was a little awkward at first, but her and her husband are really happy for us. I was a little upset with my friend who called me out but again, she was inebriated.
  • @Duckie678 Oh that is tough! I'm sorry your friend spoiled it before you could talk to your friends. I'm glad they were ultimately happy for you guys!

    With my situation, I wouldn't feel as frustrated if this person was having fertility issues, but she isn't. She got pregnant shortly after I did and had a perfectly routine pregnancy and birth, and this time she told me they have only been trying for 1 month. 

  • @sopranoali that's when that started for me. Hang in there!

    @runsomewhere oh man. I hope you feel better soon!
  • @christycalifornia thanks girl, hopefully soon. I'm leaving work soon for an afternoon on the couch. 
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  • @runsomewhere get it! You deserve it. 
  • @zg49 that sounds rough. It's like she's making it a competition. I hope she calms down for you!
  • @zg49 That's so selfish. More babies just mean more love, it's not as if you've taken something away from her. My bff and I always end up trying around the same time. Last time I got pregnant first by three months, this time she did by 6. It's all good, it's all happy, and having my best friend go through those phases with me was the best thing in the world. Contrast that with my little sis, who never wanted a biological child and got pregnant a year and a half ago, and when she heard we were trying she said she really hoped we didn't get pregnant so I wouldn't steal her thunder. WTAF. Who wishes a baby doesn't exist?? She felt really awful when it took us a year and a half after that and lost a baby. And we had a lot of back-and-forths about how all babies bring joy, and how special it is to share pregnancy with someone you love, and she just couldn't get over being selfish. I'm sorry you're going through that. Babies should bring out the best in people, and it's beyond disappointing when it brings out the worst. 
  • @zg49 can you distance yourself a bit? sometimes that can help for your own sanity! 

    my complaint I am so tired of feeling crappy all day long! 
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  • I originally quit my job when I was pregnant with my kid who is now 2 years old. I have been doing the SAHM gig since then, but recently we have run into some unexpected financial issues, and rather than stress about it anymore, I spoke to the owners at my old job and they took me back working at home for a very generous hourly rate. Oh yeah, AND I can pick and choose what hours I want to work. I am stoked, but my husband isn't taking it so well. I think he feels like he wasn't pulling his weight, and that I spend too much of my attention on everything else (I solely handle watching my 2 yo, cooking, cleaning, and work 20 hours a week.) What I can't make him understand is this is making me happier. I actually LIKE to work, and I feel like I am helping out again with the bills. I just wish me being happy didn't have the side effect of making my husband feel like crap.
  • My DH has a man cold. Need I say more. 
  • My DH has a man cold. Need I say more. 
    Let me know if you need to call the WAAAAAAAAAAAmulance. I know some people. ;)

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  • Mine is two fold- 

    we cant afford daycare for another kid so I’m switching back to night shift and working weekends (20%more pay) I’m happy that work made the position available to me BUT seriously bitchy about working nights again. 

    Does mean we we only need daycare on Monday mornings.
  • WTF my not even 1 yr IPhone has decided it doesn't like to be charged. Hopefully this update will help. 
  • @wildtot boo hope it works out!
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  • I know it’s not MONDAY but I figured I’d vent here than on social media and get into trouble ! 
    i hate my job! They are so unappreciative and totally useless! I know it’s just the hormones so I have to vent before I let my hormones make me quit lol

    I work in a group home agency taking care of adults with special needs. I come in before the sun comes up every freaking morning. I have to leave my 9 month old to come to someone else’s house to make them breakfast and take care of them when I should be doing that for my son!!! No matter, it is what it is! What gets me is the people who sit in big comfy office chairs pushing paper work around really are freaking useless! We come in on holidays away from our family because they didn’t accept time off, yet THEY get to spend every holiday and the day after with theirs! Blizzards and such ! Too bad still need to come in or you’re getting into trouble while they sleep in in their coZy beds. Haven’t gotten a raise in 10 years and NO HOLIDAYS BONUSES. 
    Last year when I was 9.5 months pregnant I had to shovel myself out of works driveway in 2 feet of snow! 
    They are ungrateful and lazy and I want to quit but can’t 
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