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Worried about Low rising HCG

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My Doctor is concerned about my HCG levels and I'm feeling so helpless. 

I had a 3 day FET and 13 days after transfer my first HCG reading was 148. I think that is 16dpo. My second reading 2 days later was 219 and only rose 48 percent. The Doctor had me retest and after 48 hours it went to 404 which was better but they are still very concerned as that was 20dpo. I guess no one really knows until you keep testing but I feel so stressed while waiting for the next test. Meanwhile I've read countless of other posts about low HCG and miscarriages and feel so heart broken for all those and scared I might be heading that way myself. 

I test again on Tuesday which would be 23 dpo. My doctor said he's hoping to the see the number over 1000. All I can think about is the number ending up being 600 when I retest in 3 days. The HCG testing is taking over my mind. :(

Re: Worried about Low rising HCG

  • I had my HCG retested and it was 1045. My doctor didn't schedule any further blood tests which makes me feel a little better but the number still seems low for 23 dpo. 

    What was everyone else's HCG at 23 dpo? 
  • Posting my own hcg at 23 dpo won't really help you, because everyone's is different. I honestly wouldn't be worried about the amount of hcg you have. You can have a low or high hcg and still go on to have a healthy pregnancy. What matters most is that the value is increases during a 48-72 time span, which sounds like the case for you.
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  • hanah77hanah77 member
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    Hi Soralk. 

    Thank you for replying and for your good advice. It's just so difficult waiting while knowing my doctor was initially concerned. I have my US next week. 
  • hanah77hanah77 member
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    Hi ecwk. 

    Thank you for the HCG averages. I guess I'm on the lower end but still not too far from average. Looks like a day behind schedule. 
  • hanah77hanah77 member
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    I'm currently 6 weeks 4 days and I have my ultrasound tomorrow. Feeling extremely nervous. 
  • Good luck @hanah77 Praying all goes well!
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  • Thank you oneblessedmess. 

    They did find a baby measuring one day behind with a heartbeat of 123. I'm currently 6 weeks 5 days. I'm excited and nervous for the next US. 

    I wanted to to follow up because there are so many threads started by people with low HCG scares but no follow ups. Hopefully this gives some people some hope who have a slow rise initially. My HCG only went up 48 percent from beta 1 to beta 2. I feel nervous writing this. Praying this good news continues as this was my last try. 

  • My first beta was a 36 @ 8dp5dt (nurse said it was fine as it was a day early
    today my second beta is 128 @12dp5dt (nurse said it was a little low but they still arent too worried) which i dont understand as it should have been in the mid 200s
  • @justharrison why do you think it should have been in the mid-200’s? If your betas doubled every 48 hours, your number would be 144 at 12dp5dt. Many OBs/REs are fine with numbers that don’t quite double (as it appears to be the case with yours) and your numbers are certainly in the ballpark of doubling. I wouldn’t worry much at this point. 
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