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Our Jan babies are almost two!! What the hell. At Thanksgiving we did a transition picture with Keaton and his cousin who are a day a hour and a minute older then his so I thought it would be fun to share transition pictures

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  • Wahhh! When did my baby get so big?!
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  • I lost all of my pictures of my baby girl when the government flooded our house during hurricane Harvey. I’ve been weeping over it for weeks. I only have left what I sent out by email in my monthly updates to my family. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took the time to do those!
  • @krrpe99 oh my gosh. My heart just hurts at the thought of losing so many memories. She's such a beautiful girl! 
  • @krrpe99  My heart is also breaking for you.  I have a fear of something like that happening.  Have you gone through your previous HDBD posts?  I bet you can get a bunch saved from there.  
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    @krrpe99 I'm so sorry. That breaks my heart!  
  • Thanks y’all. It’s nice to have people who “get it.” 
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