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  • @jsnakehole sleeping in at a comfy hotel is amazing. Enjoy!  Any good food planned?

  • Does anyone have a Fitbit? I’ve been looking into getting one mainly for heart rate and sleep tracking but I’m not sure if it’s worth it especially because I have a bare below the elbows policy at work but I’ve heard of people putting them on their ankle/ bra strap
  • @jrm_14 That gif is amazing...I just keep watching it. Creepily soothing is a nice way to sum up how it makes me feel
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  • @CraftyG I love my fitbit! I highly recommend getting one. The sleep monitoring works really well. If people say it works on their ankles, I would say go for it!
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    @craftyg I have a Fitbit blaze. I had the Fitbit flex in the past.  The flex I wore on my ankle. However, it does not track heart rate.  If I worked out, it would be worth it to have the blaze for sleep and heart rate for working out. I use it for silent, vibrating alarms at work and sleep. 
    Eta: I’m not sure heart rate would be taken accurately anywhere but the wrist :(

  • @eleven_ @jrm_14 Thanks guys I might have to treat myself this Christmas 
  • @craftyg I have the Fitbit Charge 2. I really like it. I also like that it has changeable straps so mine has faux leather straps right now which make it look a bit nicer. 

    @jsnakehole That sounds like a good weekend! 

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  • @CraftyG I have one, although I’m not sure what model. The sleep tracking wasn’t always the most accurate. If I laid in bed for a bit using my phone or watching TV, it would say I was sleeping so I had to start putting on right before I fell asleep. Other times it didn’t record me waking in the middle of the night. But I really liked it for tracking steps and calories burned during my workouts. 
  • @CraftyG i have the fibit hr and I love it. The battery lasts for a few days before it needs recharging which is nice. 
  • @CraftyG I just got the fitbit alta hr a few days ago, and I love it! The sleep tracking especially is interesting. Some of the fitbit models also have pendant carriers you can get to wear them around your neck, but I'm sure it wouldn't track heart rate that way.
  • Hello there gals and guys!! 
    Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or give me some advice regarding drs (pc and ob) and hospitals for when the time comes. I have a lot going on (detailed in the spoilers below for those that want to skip it), so I'm not sure where or when to start...

    I technically no longer have a pc/ob doc anymore, I had been seeing one for both needs, but after trying for 3 months to see her for an injury, and the fact that she is over an hour away, I decided I wouldn't go back to her anymore. I saw her last in July (for said injury), where I did let her know my eventual plans to ttc - she did bloodwork to check my vaccine antibodies, but didn't give me any further instructions on what I should do. 

    The next part is that I am on my husbands insurance now, and for the next 2-3 months, until I am eligible for benefits at my new job. A job I likely will not keep long term. This job is a 30 minute drive WEST of home. Within the next year, we plan to move across the state line, 60 minutes EAST of home. We currently live in a not-so-great area, and I would like to avoid going to any hospital near our home, even if I were to fall and break my arm today. 

    Can anyone help me in suggestions on where I should look for a dr? Closer to home, closer to work, where we plan to move? I didn't realize until recently how many appointments may be necessary... Also, any suggestions on when I need to make finding a dr a priority? I'm trying to find info, but I'm not really getting anywhere with Google.  

  • @kimberbeep I had this same predicament, I can tell you I went with the hospital I would want to deliver at and chose an OB that worked with that hospital both being by my work. We are planning on moving closer to my work in the next month or so,  so long term it makes sense to go where you'll be in the future.  I do have to say it has been inconvenient sometimes having to drive 45 minutes for a blood draw when I'm not working that day,  but you can easily schedule appointments on your lunch break. 
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  • @jsnakehole How was your hotel day?  

    @kimberbeep I did what @galactickates and @offtoneverland are saying- chose the hospital and then the doctor. It is in the town in which we live. However, I just switched to one in which the town I work. Switching doctors is not the worst thing. Always better if you find one you really like to stay, though. 

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    @holly321 Awh, love the tree delivery!  How was the rest of the day?

    @SkilledSailor How was decoration shopping?!  

    AFM, I’m far more emotional about Mh forgetting to bring home lunch for me than is reasonable. Not mad, super sad. WTF, emotions?  

    Eta: ^Why we should have a “Reasons why I’m crying: TTGP edition”

  • @jrm_14 we’ve used Uber Eats twice this week. Your DH owes you some.
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  • @lalala2004 He told me to eat his leftovers. Um, excuse me?  First, I do not like buffalo sauce. Next, the bbq sauce has tomatoes. I’m allergic. Gee, thanks, H. 

  • @jrm_14 The shopping was pretty successful! I got a plain box and turned into the ugliest wrapping job for our ballot box. Sorry your H forgot your food! I'd be upset too. 

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  • @SkilledSailor, thank you!  How is the sweater going? My work has ab ugly sweater competition each year but it is on Friday (my day off) so I always miss them.

    @jrm_14, thanks, it was bittersweet.  And I always get sad if DH doesn't bring me food.  He has told me to eat his leftovers before too, allergies are not an issue, but we have entirely different tastes in food so I never want what he has.

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  • @jrm_14 I get unreasonably angry during those situations. One time DH brought me home a Wawa panini but didn’t get sauce on it and I was piiiiiisssed. Poor guy, I don’t know how he deals with me. 
  • @augusta108  Uggggh, all the hugs. I haven’t seen if you posted how the RE went?  We told both our parents we will be seeing one. My parents responded with a “Oh, okay” and a “Ok. Where?”  His parents were “Oh, no, not this” followed by stories of FIL’s SA experience. Sorry your MIL was not empathetic. 

  • @Augusta108. Glad you are feeling good as can be about the plan for now. Also, it sounds like a win that that your mother was supportive. 

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