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Freeze All Cycle or PGD on Day 3 ***bfp mentioned***

My RE informed me at my baseline appointment that since I am doing PGD he will biopsy on day 5 and freeze all the embryos for a FET the following cycle. He didn't mention this before. He says he now does it this way because they are working with a new lab and they charge per embryo so he does 5 day PGD since less embryos develop to this stage. The problem is ***trigger warning -BFP mentioned*** we had PGD on day 3 and transferred a fresh embryo on our successful IVF cycle. He did not mention anything about doing this way because of higher chances of success. He only mentioned it saves the patient money. We would still have to pay an additional fee for the FET. Also, my husband and I did the math and it does not add up. Let's say 10 embryos are byopsied on day 3 that is 10 x $250= $2500 or let's say 3 embryos are byopsied on day 5 that is 3 x $250 = 750 + $1730 (FET fee) = $2480. That's not much savings at all. I rather biopsy on day 3 and have a fresh transfer. Any thoughts on this? I find it odd.

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  • Thank you all SO much for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. I feel comfortable now with this protocol seeing it is becoming the standard. My last IVF cycle was only two years ago and It was a bit hard to take in that this time would be different.
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