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Lupron Fatigue - any advice?

Wondering if anyone else is ( or has) experienced significant fatigue from being on lupron....and if so....what you’ve done to manage it.
I was on lupron for a short period of time during my IVF cycle in Oct. and remembered feeling tired ( wasn’t sure if it was the stims or what) and now I’m on it again during my FET cycle and the fatigue is extreme. I’ve been on lupron for almost 2wks now and will be on it another two weeks( until Dec 15th). It’s  my first round of IVF so this is all pretty new to me.

Right now I’m sleeping up to 10 hours a night and still yawning through my workday. I’ve recently cut out caffeine as well, so I’m sure that’s not helping either! Today I had two co-workers ask if I was coming down with something :-/ 

Have others/ how have others dealt with this ? Open to any/all creative suggestions!
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