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Not so typical, Water Breaking Question

I am due to have baby 4 soon. I was thinking about my past pregnancies and was doing research and it isn't a common thing so I can not find ANYTHING! Seeing if any ladies have had similar experiences. So basically my water broke with all 3 of my prior pregnancies before labor started. 38w, 39w, and 38w. I am looking to find out maybe why, but I can not find any rhyme or reason. I am starting to have a gut feeling this baby is going to be early too and I am just not ready for him yet! I can not find anything on this or why this might be a thing that correlates to my pregnancies. Has anyone else gone through this? Like what are the odds that my body just vacates baby before baby is ready. I have healthy normal pregnancies my water just breaks before labor even starts, and with 2 I needed induction meds. 

Re: Not so typical, Water Breaking Question

  • There is no real reason why your water breaks, it just does. And there’s not really any way you can prevent it (or make it happen). My water broke with DD1 and i had no clue it broke, so i needed pitocin to get contractions going and to help speed up labor. It just happens. 

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  • Also, it’s not that babe isn’t ready. Term is now technically 37 weeks. 

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  • My water broke before labor started, and contractions started a few hours later. My sister's water broke as the head delivered. I don't think there's anything you can do to change things. 

    I suppose you could avoid exercise and other things that help move the baby down and move you toward delivery. 
  • My water broke with my first at 34 weeks. Doc said it just happened no reason. Im 34 weeks now with my 3rd. Super nervous! Had my 2nd at 33w for a completely different reason and my water didn't break until her head was coming out.
  • My water broke with both my first two, but they were both overdue and my water breaking triggered labor. I also had two bags of water surrounding my second daughter and only the outer one broke, the other had to be broken even though the first one breaking triggered strong contractions. I asked the doc the same thing... why? He said “i don’t know.” My firstborn somehow managed to break at the very top and was leaking for a few days, they said one good
    kick and she would probably pop it, but how it got a small tear is again unknown. I hope I’m lucky again and my water breaks with number 3. 
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