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How long do you keep balloons?

Hello All,   We just had a party for DD's bday and my mother in law went over board with balloons  My daughter loves them (they are all big pink and purple ones), but I am tired of tripping over them!! So how long do you usually keep balloons around your house? What do you do with them when you have finally had enough of them? Jen

Re: How long do you keep balloons?

  • Um, throw them out?

  • it doesn't last a day in our home, just a few hours. the kids intentionally prick it because they enjoy the sound of it going POOF! lol
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    Tie them to a chair or something out of the way. Corral them in her room, another room, a crib, a pack and play, etc. 
  • A day or two MAX. I would let her save a handful of them if she wants to, but from the sound of it you're drowning in balloons haha. Pop them and toss them!
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