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Milestone Monday 11/27

Any milestones happening? Big or small? 

I have to admit the biggest one for me, that I love, is the laughing! He’s been laughing for awhile now, but it is getting more and more. Greatest feeling is hearing him laugh at something! 

Re: Milestone Monday 11/27

  • @Cynth0104 Thanks for picking this back up, I've been slacking!
    I love the laughs too!
    His newest is he loves to 'talk'. He's always been a very vocal baby with grunts, squeaks and hums. Now he's really experimenting with sounds and it legitimately sounds like talking but with his mouth full. He talks back every time we talk to him, I can't get enough.  
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  • I'm jealous of the laughs, I can't wait!  My LO recently started grabbing his toes on the changing table, I'm sure putting them in his mouth isn't far behind.  He's also getting really good at grabbing objects with both hands.  Pretty soon we won't have to shake rattles for him, he'll be doing it himself!
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  • My baby giggles now which is great! He started fake crying which is hilarious and he knows it's funny and starts smiling at his own dramas! 
  • We hit a new milestone this week that is early I believe. He just turned 4 months on the 26th and today he has been sitting independently for long stretches of time. Looks like a weeble wobble though lol. My hands are just there to keep him from falling off the footstool. 

    He is also babbling non-stop while mimicking people who blow raspberries or make kissing noises. 
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