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Monday Bitchfest 11/27


Re: Monday Bitchfest 11/27

  • Yesterday I threw up everything, all day. Today I feel great!....until my back went out. FML. I can't WAIT to get a prenatal massage!
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    @christycalifornia I love Rupaul's drag race so that gif makes me all sorts of happy!

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    so sorry about your back that's awful! so glad you are feeling a little better today
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  •  craving food how dare you betray me!!! i waited patientlh while you cooked mini pizza and the while you onion rings baked. why?! why after 2 only 2 bites do I instantly feel like I am going to vomit.   also im mad because i will continue to eat you and suffer the consequences because dang it im hungry!! 
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    @christycalifornia aghh!!! You poor thing, luck has not been on your side lately! Are you completely down on the couch or just painful?

    I've had serious food aversions and my stomach usually just hurts all day, but luckily no morning sickness yet. Fingers crossed my luck will continue for a little while longer.

    ETA extra question

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    @christycalifornia I love Rupaul's drag race so that gif makes me all sorts of happy!
    @lindsayleigh1989 OMG YASSSSSS! I've literally watched every season live since season one! It's the only reality show I religiously follow. SO EXCITE for All stars 3!!! AND I saw Chad Michaels and Peppermint at Pride this year! I'm a little obsessed. My friend and I keep trying to get tickets to the finales, but are always broke when the time come lol. "Bitch, I'm from AZUZA!" :D
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    @gspmom21 oh man, I hope you don't get it, too! My first I had hardly any nausea and only got really sick once. NOTHING prepared me for this this time around. I wish I were down on the couch, but errands much be done. Luckily Kiddo's big enough to climb into the car and her seat by herself, because that is off the table today. I'm gonna lay on a heating pad during her nap, though. 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 oh noooooo, that is the WORST! Why does good food have to suck right now?
  • I was looking forward to sleeping in an empty bed while DH is out of town (he usually takes over it) but noooo my 4 legged and 2 legged creatures had to cry last night and i slept less than usual. Two more nights left...
  • @lindsayleigh1989 AGHHH, that's the worst. It was bad enough your hungry, but that you were craving it to?! :(
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  • I have to work tonight and my boys woke me up at 530 this morning...whyyyyyyyyy?!
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  • @christycalifornia  Ah! Sorry to hear about your back.  Hopefully that heating pad helps and you are feeling better by this evening.

    @lindsayleigh1989 that SUCKS.  Eating is the worst right now!

    @wildtot and @comealongponds UGH!  Sleeping is already hard enough at this stage.  Sorry you guys are having added external difficulties.  

    I have nothing except I wish this day would hurry up!  I cannot really focus on anything and just want to get out of here and head to my appointment.  1 more hour......
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  • Sharp abdominal pains during a meeting this morning and all I could think and pray of was not to miscarry. Ran to the bathroom the second the meeting ended, just to unload #1 and #2. WTF?!?! Pooping pains scare me right now. Feels good to poo, however the sharp pains can go eff themselves.

    I hope everyone feels better asap! What a shitty Monday, literally. 

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  • @zombiehoohaa  ugh im so sorry that sucks!! hopefully that was the root of you cramps and stay away!! 
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  • Sorry to everyone with sleeping problems and not feeling well. I hope everyone feels better/gets some sleep soon! 

    My kiddo is sick again... for like the 10th time since he turned one, and he's only 14 months :( His fever has been super high, like 105, and he's just plain miserable. I haven't even been able to put him down even to pee today, so that's been fun. Took off work to stay with him and bring him to the doctor, only to be told it's just a cold. Um, 105 fever and he's absolutely miserable and getting worse, and you tell me it's just a cold? Ugh. oh yeah and pregnancy insomnia woke me up at 3:30, and my son woke up screaming at 5 (and has been glued to me ever since), so I've been up since 3:30am. All I managed to eat today was burger king fries from the drive thru on the way home from the doctors. My husband came home early to relieve me, but I'm stuck in bed with my sleeping sick baby and I'm afraid to get up because then the screaming will start again. So my husband is enjoying himself, having a nice snack and watching tv, while i'm trapped, starving and have to pee. Ugh this Monday sucks. 
  • @zombiehoohaa, that happened to me at the mall last weekend. I was literally jogging to the bathroom :joy:
  • I'm just cold and a little sleepy. I don't want to be at work today, it's always tough to come back after a few days off but now I'm especially distracted. Also, I have to grocery shop after work, I'll be hungry and avoiding buying a bunch of fatty, junky nonsense will be difficult. 
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  • @zande2016 I am so sorry sick kiddos are the worst. hope you can get up soon!
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  • My monday bitchfest is the fact I haven't gotten a call about my HCG levels that were drawn this morning. Talk about nerve city and morning sickness over here. Not a fun Monday. 

    My second is FB group admins who get on a power trip. The ones who put their opinion and then say admin at the end as if that makes them all knowing and you better not dare question the advice they just gave even if it's complete BS and misleading to the original poster.

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    They will be forever missed. <3
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  • @lindsayleigh1989 Thanks! I hope so, too. Seriously, hate those types of pains. No more sharp pains. Crisis averted...until I have to poo again. I'm just going to change my name to poopmcgee 

    @blair_krank Oh no! That sucks! I'm glad it was just poopy pains. 

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  • @bdesterhouse that is so frustrating! yeah it always makes me laugh when they do that haha 
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  • Me. I'm the bitch... I'm in such a grumpy mood and am totally taking it out on my students.. . I need to get things in check  :(:s:s
  • @runsomewhere Hope the grocery trip goes well! Have a snack before you go if you can manage it. Last week I went grocery shopping before work, ended up eating oreos for breakfast. Not my finest hour. My husband and I agreed that now he does the shopping or goes with me because clearly I need supervision.
  • @noideawhatshesdoing lol I think I require supervision when grocery shopping while hungry, pregnant or not. 
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  • I'm right there on the miserable train with you ladies. Still getting over a cold, plus general making a baby plus raising a toddler complaints. I'm. Just. So. Tired. 
    I was fully prepared to spend the day in sweats but I just realized I accidentally stole a phone from work so I'll have to put on big girl clothes later and go drop it off. 
  • I’m freezing today but sweating like a pig! I don’t understand it and it’s making me want to punch something! 
  • I also found my old Doppler while cleaning out DS's room- I'm 8+4 and seeeeriously debating trying it but I'm not sure I want to put myself through that if I can't find a HB. 
  • @acunamatada I am trying really hard to not let myself buy a doppler. I'm pretty sure I would spend every night obsessing over the HB. I actually just barely resisted one for $20 on Facebook.
  • Last time I used an iphone app called my babys beat to listen to baby's HB. Surprisingly it picked up the HB, it was pretty cool. I just checked and I still have the recordings from my last pregnancy on it and now I'm all sappy about it. 
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  • @runsomewhere wow an app?? That's pretty cool, does it only work later in the pregnancy? 

    @acciocoffee I looooved my Doppler the last time around, DH was super cute about it too and would ask to hear the HB, I think it helped him bond. 
  • @acunamatada yeah, it says for best results to use after you reach 30 weeks. 
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  • @acunamatada I'm just so tempted! Maybe sometime after Christmas when I have some extra cash. Lol
  • I'm hungry and just want to eat pasta!! And I am currently avoiding pasta lol so I'm crabby!! 

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  • Also looking for a new vehicle to fit 4 kids is balls! Seriously I don't want a mini van and every other option is SO expensive! Why?!

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  • Today my dog stare me in the face and then proceeded to get diarrhea on my kitchen floor it was hideous and my husband was not home to help me clean it up I had’nt vomited all day, thank you Scooby Doo
  • @zande2016 Um, 105 fever is super concerning. I'm concerned that your ped isn't concerned. I hope it resolves soon!
  • @christycalifornia I know right? He's not my regular ped, just the guy in the practice who could see us for a sick visit today, and he's def not my favorite. But to be fair, according to Dr Google, toddlers can safely get much much higher temps than adults. Luckily Motrin has been bringing it down nicely. 
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    @zande2016 I'm so glad he's getting some relief. I'd say something next time you see your ped. I've heard that about toddlers, too, but still. Thats so high! Well above what our ped has always said was concerning!

  • major b*tch that will make me sound like one. Why stay on a forum that likes organization if you hate it? go somewhere else than? no need to change the bump culture when you can be far more content in a different one that aligns with what you want.  there are a lot that offer the unicorn farts, sunshine post whatever whenever mentality but very few that like organization. it feels very unfair to try and take that away from people who come here for that just because it doesnt suit your fancy
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  • I know it's not technically Monday anymore, but I am going to lose my shit. Why is that the parent who didn't sleep last night, is nauseous, and actually needs sleep because she is growing an actual human, is the one who has to stay up allll night with the sick baby while the asshole husband who slept peacefully through the night last night gets to do so again tonight?! All because he's a baby himself and can't handle waking up to rock the baby without having a little tantrum. Jerk. My nipples are sucked dry and raw from having a baby attached to them literally the entire day, and he gets to sleep the night away with his worthless pointless nipples. I am having flashbacks of the newborn days and now I'm terrified to relive that again. Okay end rant. 
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