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Gina seems to be in a better mood overall when we stay in.  She's pleasant, easy going, not whiny and just fun to be around. I noticed when we go out (even when she does nap as usual) and get back home she's horrible. Cranky, whiny, clingy and it's a guarantee that her nighttime sleep will be a disaster. I'm not sure why this is? She's napping as usual so it's not like she's overtired. 

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  • Maybe she gets over stimulated by everything to see and do when you go out? Zack is the opposite.  If we have a day where we don't leave the house, he gets super cranky and has way more tantrums in the later afternoon.  I think he's so used to constant activity at daycare, that just hanging with us and the dog all day gets boring.
  • I agree with @nackie . We get bored stuck at home. 
    @JanuarysBaby1 , do you stay home with her? Maybe because staying home is her norm, that's why she responds in the way she does. For us, it's weird when we DON'T go somewhere--even if it's to the sitter. Birdie naps great for everyone but me, and in order to get her to nap for me, I have to actually put her in the truck and drive her around.
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  • You guys are probably right. I only work twice a week and in between those days I'm running errands with her and I bring her to the park. But it seems she's always terrible after doing those things. 
  • Oh interesting, Freya is the opposite, and it's either me or my mom staying home with her. She gets so cranky at home, so even if it's cold and rainy, we gotta get out of the house at least once. Freya is definitely an extravert like her dad though. She loves both being outside and being around people. I know some kids can be a lot more sensitive to all the stimulation of being out and about, I think it takes both practice and some prevention strategies (like taking breaks, etc) that helps more sensitive and introverted kiddos. 

    Just BTW Freya has been an emotional wreck all week, and I noticed her vocab is exploding. Wondering if there's a leap going on that's contributing to her crankiness.
  • @januarysbaby1 we have a bit of the same going on lately. DS used to be great when we went out and did stuff (I’m a SAHM) and never had a problem. Since we moved though he’s been an absolute bear to take out in public. He’s cranky, clingy and generally a terror. He fights getting into his car seat or the shopping cart. I’m hoping it’s just a phase and have been using bribery to get through shopping trips. Gummy bears are our go to. DS is very routine oriented and if his routine is thrown off he is not a happy camper. 
  • @Cricket99 I'm with you a %100 on the routine oriented. It's definitely makes it hard to do day day things. Glad someone is in the same boat as me. Hopefully it'll pass soon! 
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