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Private Facebook Group?

For my first son, I found a private Facebook group through The Bump (May 2016) - it started off with about 150 people. I’m interested in doing that again- I will start it if anyone is interested...

Re: Private Facebook Group?

  • I am but I figured it would happen latter after the group develops a bit better. 
  • My last BMB group did this after all the babies were born. Having two places to check would be a bit much for me right now, so I would just do one or the other. The good thing about this forum though is it is like a signalling beacon to others who may be joining later.
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  • I'm actually an admin of one on FB for July babies if you'd like I can send a link. 

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  • Please send me the link @MrsRucinski85 ! :) 
  • For my May 2016 Group we branched off right in the beginning and it was easier to get to know a smaller group of people. I understand if it’s not for everyone though :) But, I have known those girls through my entire last pregnancy and the 18 months of our kiddos lives!
  • @alparsonsfamily give me a second, I'm mobile and can't remember how to make it clicky! 

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  • @MrsRucinski85 if you just paste it I can copy it and paste it - that may be easier :) 
  • No facebook here!
  • Yeah.. I don’t think I’m ready for a fb group yet... 
  • @4deep also this 
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  • @acunamatada this made me think of yor comment. also OP you only just intro'd on the board today maybe take some time to let people get to know you and vice versa first. 
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  • OK that’s fine- I just know the last time around we created a Facebook group super early and it was really nice to know everyone and easier to keep up with on Facebook. It’s all good :)
  • Too soon.... i can sorta see who the crazies are but not all have let that flag fly yet.  

    My D14 group went to FB and it’s been awesome but it was way later. 
  • @dapple88 now I am super curious who you think the crazies are haha is it me? ;) 
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  • Yeah, well I’m a bit salty on this because for some reason I wasn’t allowed to join the may 2016 Facebook group despite being moderately active on the BMB (I’m not crazy, I swear ;). Anyway, also fully agree that it’s way too early. 
  • @dapple88 now I am super curious who you think the crazies are haha is it me? ;) 
    Haha! Not at all! I like how you keep order. There’s just a vibe. 
  • Another vote for no Facebook group yet. Real crazy shit hasn't started yet but it will and we don't want weird Facebook side chatter and breakups to deal with later. On my first bmb there was a small side Facebook group that not everyone was invited to, but one of them conned a bunch of others into giving her money for a collection for someone else and then she took the money and ran! And we had a fake mommy once discovered by some super sleuths on our bmb with a lot of time I guess... It was weird. Just...wait.

    Also, who are the crazies here?

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  • @st3lla - was it the one that started super early?! I’m sorry they didn’t let you in :( - I wasn’t an admin or anything for that. Im cool with waiting :) Our May 16 Group didn’t have any crazy people on the Facebook group - but I wasn’t on the Bump very long to meet the crazies haha - but I’m fine either way- just was trying to do what happened for me last time! 
  • zombiehoohaazombiehoohaa member
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    I'm all about letting my freak flag fly and stuff, however Im still a noob here. I'd prefer to see how things pan out before going towards FBFF status. 

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  • Way back when on my board we had someone we thought we all knew collect donations for a gift for a loss Mom. She was supposed to donate the somewhere around $500 to charity. Someone had a weird feeling and asked her for a receipt. After some dodging she provided the most poorly doctored receipt I’d ever seen. Turns out she’d donated $25 and kept the rest. So this is my main reason to wait on another FB group. Crazies be crazy. 


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  • Yea... I would be on board with FB... in like July. :)

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  • I appreciate the thought of a fb Group- personally I’m just not ready to follow more than this board! And seeing all those stories terrifies me!
  • My suggestion is wait until babies are born- and then we need to easiness of Facebook- for the midnight check ins and what not
  • I find myself plain in the most boring way so it blows my mind when people are crazy like that! I’m so blind to those things!
    @christycalifornia @julesf817
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  • @gspmom21 I don't find you plain at all, my dear. I find you beautifully unique. 
  • @christycalifornia sweet as always! 
    I missed my little mom board friends, it was crazy over the holidays so I cant wait to read and respond tomorrow to what I missed in the past few days. 
    It seems to have been.. interesting from what ive read so far :D 
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  • gspmom21 said:
    I find myself plain in the most boring way so it blows my mind when people are crazy like that! I’m so blind to those things!
    @christycalifornia @julesf817
    I’m too trusting, I don’t lie and expect others not to lie to me. Kind of dumb and naive, I know, but it’s how I am and I refuse to let this cruel world make me jaded.

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  • @julesf817 were you also in the may14 bmb? Sounds like exactly what I was referring to. It's foggy in my memory now but I recall a glider was involved haha. And someone else posted the "reveal"...I think empireceo as the "medium"... In a long post as if they were the scammer to explain the entire deceit. It was nuts.

    Keep in mind everyone, this was about 6-7 months into our pregnancies I think. Plenty of time for most to feel that they got to know her and obviously trusted her. We had similar board tension to what @christycalifornia talked about before the big reveal came.

    My bmb for Feb16 was formed on then comes family before it exploded (haha), and many from that group made the transition to FB and it's working out really well for us. We have had a few very legitimate $ collections and gift giving/exchanges so far for a variety of life events. We also plan to get together in person next year! It's really nice and feels lucky to have that group of ladies who are genuine when there are so many crazies on the internet.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • I think it is too early for Facebook. In my March 14 group, we didn’t create a Facebook group until after all babies were born. We knew each others’ names, did secret Santa gift exchanges, etc. Point is, relationships had time to develop, and no offense, I don’t know anyone here yet and as others have said, a veil of anonymity is good while we weed out the crazies and trolls.
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  • @bdesterhouse same! I think it’s just the norm so that’s what I expect. Overused statement, but being a decent person is free. Just be nice, don’t stalk people and mind your manners :D 

    On my first day of a new job I had to take a drug test, they didn’t tell me so I had used the bathroom right before. I brought a water bottle with me. I told them I wasn’t quite ready, but I could just take my water in the bathroom to help. They said NO NO!! 
    Innocent me just couldn’t pee but other people bring fake pee or try to alter their tests with methods like that. Lol never would have thought that on my own.
    I also was taking adderall which was listed on my page of medications and a known thing from my doctor. I failed my test (they ran it right in front of me) and they started whispering and calling other nurses in to double check the results so I finally asked them what was wrong. They told me I failed, and they’d have to call my doctor and verify that it was prescribed. 
    Sorry guys, not abusing drugs, just can’t hold my train of thought longer than 5 seconds without thinking of squirrels. 
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