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Random Check-in

I know it’s been hard to keep the group alive, so I figured a thread for any and all news would be nice.

How are you doing? How is LO? Anything really!

Re: Random Check-in

  • I’ll start!

    I wound up with a cold/allergies due to the weather changes that So. Cal is going through...90 degree weather! Bleh!

    Thanksgiving Day, LO woke up with a runny nose and some coughing and sneezing. No fevers thankfully! (Hoping he’s not already developing my horrible year-round allergies!) So both of us have spent yesterday and today cooped up in our room with the cool air humidifier running full blast.

    Also, LO has all of a sudden stopped wanting to take a bottle, and it’s been kinda stressful because I start a 3 week long subbing position on Monday. I did a full day last week and he only ate 1.5 bottles the whole 10 hours I was gone...so this is a little worrying...
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  • Things are good! I’m exhausted. LO still wakes up 1-2 times a night to eat, and since I am still breastfeeding, it’s starting to wear on me. I have been falling asleep at 6/6:30 on the couch! 

    We we are headed to Winter Park for Christmas. We will see how he does on the drive and in the Colorado mountains. 

    He he has been going to daycare 5 days a week, which has been going well. He seems to enjoy it and they enjoy him. 
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  • My LO is in the middle of leap 4 and has been a nightmare the past few days. He's usually not much of a fusser/crier as long as he gets his naps. He's refusing to nap unless on the boob which I try to avoid, crying all the time and waking up all night long when he used to STTN. He's lucky he's so damned cute 
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  • @jkbrownstein They really are lucky they're so darn cute, aren't they?  

    I got a stomach bug (still not sure if it was food poisoning or something else) on the day before Thanksgiving that really wiped me out.  Powered through with BF LO, but I think my supply may have taken a hit.  I usually pump once at night after he's gone to bed but I didn't for a few days.   Of course that night he got up every few hours fussy when he had only been getting up once for almost a month before that!

    I also think we've hit the 4 month sleep regression.  He's never been a good napper, but he's always been great at night, easy to fall asleep, easy back to sleep after feeding.  That has become not horrible but definitely worse, waking up a couple of times (although somewhat easily soothed back to bed) has not been fun. 

    The worst is that he's become an EXTREMELY fussy eater.  He's been a little fussy for probably a month now, but over the long weekend it got pretty bad.  He'll nurse for about 4-5 minutes, then pull off screaming.  Same on the other side.  We usually go back and forth until neither of us can take it anymore and then he'll usually calm down after walking around for a few so I think he's gotten enough.  He also still has a good amount of wet diapers.  This weekend though he would not calm down after eating several times and we ended up giving him formula which he just INHALED!  I think he's getting frustrated with slow flow and doesn't want to work for a 2nd letdown, especially now that he's been at daycare getting bottles for half of his feeds for over a month but I don't really know what to do about it other than the switching and breast compressions, which barely help.  I'm about at the end of my rope and ready to give up.  

  • @CPR79 Stomach bugs are the worst especially before the holidays, hope you're feeling better.

    Are they pace feeding him at daycare? What flow nipples are you using? I use either the Kiinde slow flow or preemie Dr. Browns, I'm really afraid of my LO developing a bottle preference but we've been ok so far. 
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  • @jkbrownstein We accidentally switched from #1 to #2 nipples when he started daycare (I had to buy new bottles and they had #2 nipples which I didn't realize), and he would NOT tolerate the #1 nipples anymore.  I wonder if we slowly went back to #1 nipples if he would tolerate that or it would help.  

    I've talked to them about pace feeding but honestly I don't know if they do it, he's at a center with 8 infants to 2 teachers and I don't blame them for not having the time.  I have talked to them about giving him a break every half oz or so and feeding him more sitting up than laying down, and I think they are doing that.  
  • I would slowly switch back. 1's were too fast for my LO so we're using 0's, 2's are way too fast. Maybe get a doctor's not about pace feeding, they may be overfeeding him which isn't healthy. I'm lucky enough to have family watching my LO, but I showed them videos on how to do it and stressed the importance of it and the consequences of not. 
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  • I'll echo pretty much everyone else with the fussy LO. She has progressively gotten worse at going to bed for the night. Our routine is the same but she'll cry for 2+ hours. DH or I go in every 15-20 minutes to help sooth then put her back into the crib but man, this is getting rough!!! I'm also in the throws of first trimester nausea (yes, I'm 9 weeks pregnant, this is nuts, blah blah blah) so life is pretty rough on a daily basis right now.
  • How has everyone been doing ?! I just came back to see what was going on here.. I'm fine and so is the baby! :)
  • Today is my second day of my 3 week long sub position. Yesterday LO did not eat for the 9 hours I was gone! It really worried me and made me anxious. So this morning I had a stomachache because I was so anxious and worried he wouldn’t eat. 

    Ive been getting updates from my in-laws and he’s eaten 2 4oz bottles since I’ve left! I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

    now I have a headache from over stressing. Luckily we both are feeling better now
  • We are good. DD is growing and super strong. She had remained very healthy. I had shingles, but DD has not been affected so far. I M in the last 2 weeks of the semester for school and getting my butt kicked. I will prob be on here more between semesters.
  • @cielaw89 That's so stressful, I'm glad your LO is doing better today. 

    @WeddingNotes13 Oh my gosh, Shingles is the worst, I had it a few years ago. I hope you caught it early and are feeling better. Only the sores are contagious so as long as you're super careful your LO should escape unscathed.  
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  • Any tips on how to get LO to sleep in a bit longer in the morning?  He used to sleep until 6:45/7 but now has been getting up at 6/6:15.  Ideally I'd like to hold off feeding him until 6:45 or 7 for optimal feeding at daycare.  Usually he is happy enough in the morning that I can hold off feeding him for a little bit, but not always.  Dr. Google tells me that to sleep later, they need to get to bed earlier.  The problem is he's still not napping that well at daycare most days so he ends up falling asleep on the ride home and sleeping in his car seat for 1-2 hours.  He obviously needs it so I hate to wake him up earlier than that, but when he doesn't wake up from his nap until 6pm, we don't end up getting him to bed til about 7:30.  
  • @jkbrownstein I did catch it early. The anti-viral was super effective, so it did not end up.being very bad at all. I believe that I am past the window of being contagious. I am so relieved that LO was not affected. 
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