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Incompetent Cervix **LOSS MENTIONED**

Hi Ladies-

We are fresh off the loss of our miracle DEIVF Baby boy back in September @16 weeks. 

I had a textbook pregnancy and my son was growing exactly as he should -everything was perfect. Then one night I wake up with cramps and lower back pain and I know that I need to go the ER. My water breaks in the ER lobby and I am admitted to L&D to deliver my son. I have a D&C 2 days later as my body is unable to pass the placenta. In post-op my doctor said that my cervix was weakened/incompetent and the miscarriage was not something they knew would happen until it did. After the fog lifted a week or so later I was angry as to why this was not found earlier. I resolve myself to the fact they they saw nothing wrong on my U/S so they wouldn't have known to check for it. My baby boy was growing right on schedule, and put too much pressure on my cervix.

Most days I am okay, but I know that my baby would want me to try to be happy and move forward. That is the PC response I give to most people who ask, but to those ladies who (unfortunately) know what I am going through- you can probably guess how I am really feeling so i wont go into much detail.

With that being said, we are re-attempting IVF. My OB was very positive that with a cervical stitch at around 10-12 weeks that I will be able to carry to full term.

So my questions are:

How many of you suffered a loss due to an issue with the cervix? Is it really a common cause of miscarriage?
How many of you after having the stitch put in place were able to resume normal activities during the remainder of your pregnancy?
How many of you had to be on bed rest or other severe restrictions for the remaining weeks of your pregnancy?

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DE IVF# 1 May 2017 BFN
DE IVF #2 June 2017 BFP  <3  Miscarriage @ 16 weeks Baby Boy Noah  o:) 

Re: Incompetent Cervix **LOSS MENTIONED**

  • No experience with incompetent cervix, but I wanted to offer all the hugs and I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet baby boy. I have always heard of great success with a cerclage and I pray you have a healthy pregnancy when you're ready to do IVF again.

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    3/22/16 5.8%
    4/27/17 5.4%
    6/13/17 5.3%
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  • I'm so sorry this happened. I don't have experience with loss due to incompetent cervix (my miscarriage and loss of my 10 day old baby were due to other reasons), but wanted to suggest asking your OB if progesterone shots might be an option for your next baby. 
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  • Im sorry for ur loss I know how you feel my 1st pregnancy was ivf and @22 weeks i lost my son I went to preterm labour and had my son who died then doctor told me the same thing that they wouldn’t have known then 6 months later i got pregnant again and at 13 weeks I had a cervical cerclage done no ristrictions but took it easy i was terrified of loosing my baby then at 21 weeks I lost my daughter after going into preterm labour , did all the tests i can think of none showed anything was wrong then 9 months later i got pregnant again changed my doctor and found a high risk doctor who put acervical cerclage at 14 week and 5 days put me on bed rest progesterone and magnesium and im now 34 weeks pregnant with my baby boy we still don’t know what happened with my other cerclage but this one has held on and im 2 weeks away from removing the cerclage at 36 weeks and it was avery uneventful pregnancy,with a lot of prayer im so greatful that ive come this far .im so close to holding my son. 
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