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Week of Thanksgiving - BF/TW/WTF

Thought I'd combine the Monday BF, TW Tuesday, and WTF Wednesday (and beyond) into one "happy" thread. 

What is it about holidays that makes people crazy? 

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Re: Week of Thanksgiving - BF/TW/WTF

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  • @becausescience that would drive me nuts!!
  • I had my Pandora channel perfected and now they've done a song dump and it sucks again.

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  • @megpeg Ooof, I'm sorry. Family dynamics are always hard, but I think they can be especially hard when you're dealing with ILs. I'm thankful that my (divorced) parents have been dealing with this long enough that they realize they have to "share," and that I have a good partner in my brother in navigating that. But I've had some struggles with DH's parents because they've never had to deal with it, and we're not spending any holidays with them this year. Thankfully there hasn't been any drama but I'm still nervous that something will come up before the end of the year.
  • My dog's bandana smells so horrid. I JUST washed it I don't know WTH she did yesterday. It smells so bad that after I threw it in the basement to be washed, my basement now smells putrid. And it's only the bandana, not her collar or fur. It's sitting in a bucket of Resolve, so here's hoping!
  • @becausescience That would drive me insane!

    @megpeg My SIL (BIL wife) is like that I get so frustrated. She can see her family anytime! Instead she keeps him from seeing his family.

    @KZ1126 Yes!!!

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  • WTF to working today. I could have taken off, but nooooooo, I didn't. Looking forward to my full 2 weeks off at Christmas!!!
  • WTF to this pregnancy rhinitis. It happened last time and this weather isn't helping. I just want to breathe!
    Married 5/12/2007
    DS 6/3/2016
    MC 1/12/2017
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    EDD 3/31/2018

  • @amylonghorn My office is half empty today, and traffic this morning was non-existent on the way into work. I definitely echo the bitterness in being here right now, especially after being a teacher for 7 years (which is WAY harder than my current job, but also meant having today off!). I too will be grateful for the days off after Christmas. 
  • @gh515 aw man - sorry you have to go into the office mini silver lining is I get to work from home.

    And WTF to kids having this whole week off of school?! Back in the day, I had to go to school through these days don't even know!!!
  • I'm trying to clean and start food prep for Thanksgiving, but I'm just getting constant cramps and contractions. I don't feel well at all unless I sit/lie down.

    Also, my toddler's molar decided that this would be a good time to show up, give her a fever, and make us all miserable.
  • WTF to my DH constantly changing his mind about Thanksgiving.  I posted an earlier rant about the whole Thanksgiving debacle in a previous TW Tuesday.  As of Monday he was reconsidering and talking like he was going over to my mom's house with us (thinking about different desserts we could take over, wanting to make something else like a snack to take over) then last night he completely flips script again and is adamant that he's not going.

    This continued into this morning where he was just bitching at me while I was getting ready for work and I wasn't responding because I was getting ready and he started saying "oh you're not going to reply to that thinking I'll just give in and go but I'm not going to" etc and I said "uh no, I'm not replying because I'm getting ready for work!".  Then he calls me on my way to work to keep bitching and it just puts me in a bad mood going into work and pisses me off that he would do that while I'm trying to get into the right frame of mind to work and interact with the public.  We're supposed to go to the Penguins Hockey game tonight so who knows if we will argue the whole way there or even at the game-for once not looking forward to going to the game :( 

  • Sounds like everyone is having a rough day today! My BF/WTF is also work-related. I'm here, whatever, no big deal. However... we have a weekly update meeting at 3:00 every Wednesday that is minimum 1.5 hours long, but a lot of times more like 2 hours long. I thought for sure they'd cancel this week's and let people head out early. Wrong! Business as usual! This is one of the only times I miss my old place of work. At least I knew I was guaranteed to be told to leave by 2:00 on days before holidays.
  • @KZ1126 I agree about thanksgiving needing wine! I don’t miss drinking day to day, which I thought I might honestly, but sober at social gatherings is exhausting! To add insult to injury I got a gestational diabetes diagnosis just in time to mean no pumpkin pie either :'(  
  • Someone brought in donuts from our local mom and pop bakery which are FABULOUS and I could probably eat a dozen myself in one sitting but nobody told me they were there!  I work in a small office (8 people) and not a word was breathed to me, I only saw the box when I went into the kitchen to get some water.  The one guy joked that they didn't tell me because they all wanted to have one before I started in on them.  I was not amused :|

  • @leilaquinn You can have a small piece. My sister had GD and definitely still ate some stuff like pie. Just make sure to have a good amount of healthy fiber. Or you can even try to find a sugar free pumpkin pie. I make one for my mom every year.
  • I am in the grocery store. Done with everything else and just trying to get immune system stuff for H. These three women have been blocking the entire section for close to ten minutes chitchatting. I'm not being pushy but I've definitely been hovering. Take the hint and MOVE! They even got my hopes up by doing a first goodbye. Hugs and all. I'm about to go just shove in. Ain't nobody got time for this. 
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  • @kiki75 oh my lanta girl do not get me STARTED. Yesterday two women (both with their own carts) were blocking the sugar section in the baking isle. Would NOT move. An HEB employee was even trying to restock and they still wouldn’t move. I had to say excuse me multiple times to get my hands on some brown sugar. In a different isle I got stuck behind a woman who wasn’t moving because she was ON HER PHONE. 

    Ladies. This store is PACKED. Unless you’re actively moving around and getting your items you came here for, GTFO. Don’t have long conversations and scroll through social media in the middle of the isles. 
  • @leilaquinn let me find my pumpkin pie recipe or look for one on Pinterest. Use almond flour and butter for the crust then if you do pumpkin, cream cheese, eggs  and spices you don't need a lot of sugar. And if you add whipped cream that sweetens it a little too. there is fiber and protein in the filling and crust or ditch the crust completely. You can find ways to make most anything.
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  • @bettyvonsomethingstein avoid em like the plague. I feel like it's a guaranteed way to get your door hit.
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  • @megpeg that sounds great!
  • @justkeeptrying YES! To of everything you said haha.
  • MIL shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. Fine. But she also brings along our ridiculously naughty nephew. Oh. My. Word. He was slamming toys on our floor (that unfortunately scratches and dents way too easily) and then was throwing his food and his fork because he thought it was funny. Ended up going and playing in the toilet. Pregnancy + others naughty kids I wasn’t mentally prepared for= exhaustion. I am SO tired and I truly think it was because he caused me so much anxiety.

    Thanks for the heads up, MIL........ 
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