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Eat/Sleep/Wake Schedule

So my baby is in the 95th percentile. I was feeding him every 3 hours and he had so much gas and was so irritable. I've been feeding him every 4 hours now, and the gassiness/irritability has lessened quite a bit and he's actually not spitting up as much. He's also eating longer. However, he wants to nap for so long and he can't stay awake more than an hour. So that leaves a lot of time where he just wants to be asleep in my solly wrap. Is this normal? Is there anything I could maybe try adjusting? 

Re: Eat/Sleep/Wake Schedule

  • At this stage in development it’s recommended that babies be awake no longer than 90 minutes between naps if possible, so I think your son is probably normal. They’re also too young still to really be put on a “schedule.” If you have concerns I recommend talking to your pediatrician.
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  • My daughter can only stay happily awake for about an hour right now too. I remember my son was very much the same way. Unless you have a concern related to your baby's daytime sleeping, I wouldn't worry about it. 
  • How is he sleeping at night?  My daughter will sleep most of the day if she does not sleep well at night (4-5 hour naps).  We are starting to get into more of a schedule now that she is almost 3 months.  Bath and bedtime are before 7 but when she wakes at night I still feed on demand.
  •  He may be eating a lot and often because his stomach is upset. Babies don't know the difference between hunger and stomach upset at this age. They also want to suck for comfort. Have you spoken to your pediatrician about his spit up and feeding frequency/length?
  • Sounds like a dream!
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