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How is everyone getting through working during the first trimester? I'm absolutely miserable and I feel like every day is something new, today is the headaches, yesterday the nausea, bloating and food cravings another.. ect. I feel like I'm not functioning with pregnancy brain either, which can be very detrimental and dangerous in my line of work as I do a lot of analysis and testing involving explosives. The fact that I'm in a male dominated role doesn't help either, because not very many people are going to sympathize with me when and if I tell anyone. I'm a STM and the first go around I had zero symptoms and I was still in school, so I could easily just stay home if I wasn't feeling great.
Does it get any better? Yikes.

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  • Generally speaking, the farther along you are, the more minimized your symptoms will be. So yes, it usually does get better.

    I've had severe nausea and MS since 4 weeks, and have been taking Zofran to handle it (tried Phenergan; didn't work) because I wasn't functioning at work or life in general. I'm at the point (9w4d) where I don't have to take the Zofran every 8 hours to get relief; I can go almost 12 hours before starting to get nauseous.
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  • I'm in the same boat as you with working and not being at the top of my game. I'm about 7 1/2 weeks and personally just feel "blah" all day long. I've had a couple of bad episodes of nausea at the office, thankfully I didn't actually get sick. For me it's more like my stomach always feels unsettled, not much seems to help it. Not to mention with my hormones, I can tell I get annoyed much more easily than normal in the office. I'm so ready for the holiday break. I'm hoping I can get over the hump then.
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