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Development Milestones

We had our 2 month checkup today, and I've been concerned about it for a while leading up to it. My 1st son was social smiling and making eye contact at 6 weeks. With our 2 month old though, he rarely makes eye contact and he's already 9 weeks old. He smiles in a lot in his sleep, but rarely social smiles. He also doesn't make eye contact when nursing. The doctor noticed the lack of eye contact today and said to keep tabs on it for the next month and to bring him back at 3 months if it doesn't start to develop. I know milestones are based on averages, but I'm kind of freaking out, and 1 more month is a long time to wait of me freaking out. I just wanted to here if some of you had some late developers at 9 weeks too.

Re: Development Milestones

  • I honestly can say that my daughter who will be 3 months on December 2nd does not make eye contact with me yet while nursing but she does make eye contact any other time throughout the day and is full of smiles.  Was he full term?  
  • Some babies will do these things early and some will start doing them later. I hope that your baby is just taking his time.
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