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Spitting up!!! Omg HELP!

My DD 6 mos old has just been diagnosed with reflux. She is a happy spitter but bc I’m a FTM I was worried about stomach acids they did prescribe a low dose of Zantac. I have switched her formula and wanted to know if there were any moms out there who used the Similac for Spit Up. Please share if this worked for you or not it’s my first day with her eating this. She was on Enfamil Gentlease since two weeks old. Tried the thickened feeds and it consitpated her so that was a no go!

Re: Spitting up!!! Omg HELP!

  • I breastfeed but I’ve seen friends’ babies go through this and switching formula helped. I’m sorry for your little one going through this. 

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