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Postpartum garments

My previous 2 babies I used ShrinxHips and the Belly Bandit postpartum and felt like they made a huge difference. The belly bandit was kind of annoying though - rolled down a lot, etc. I know that more kinds of support tanks and other belly bandit-type things have come out since my last baby. Are any of you planning on using anything pp? Any STMs that have used something in the past couple of years that has been helpful AND comfy?

Re: Postpartum garments

  • Oooh, thanks for creating this post! I haven't given this much thought, so I would love to hear what everyone else is planning on doing postpartum.
  • I ordered this....

    It looks pretty uncomfortable but I liked the price and the reviews are good. No experience with it yet, though! I'm eager to hear what others have to say.
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  • @shellac835 I feel like I would need a youtube tutorial to get that on correctly!
  • @oldersis I might! I was going to watch a tutorial to try and learn how to use the baby carrying wrap I got this weekend, so maybe I'll find one for the postpartum belt too, haha
  • Thank you for starting this. I have been googling this while weekend as its been on my mind also gonna speak with Dr today as I have my 34 week scan today.  Excited to see lil one.  Hopefully I get what I'm looking for from her other wise I'll have to buy online somehow.  
  • I too used a BellyBandit postpartum with my first. I used the BFF because I'm very short waisted.  I liked it. I made the mistake of only buying my immediate size then was too cheap to purchase the next size down.  I haven't purchased any wraps yet because it is so based off of how you deliver and I could end up in a C/S.  So i'm hoping BellyBandit's Black Friday deal goes on into at least Tuesday of next week so I have a better idea of what my specific PP needs will be.

    I've also purchased a bunch of Blanqi postpartum leggings.  They also have a killer Black Friday deal that has been going on almost al month. 50% off everything. So it's basically like BOGO on their leggings.  These are what I have in my hospital bag.

    I'm super interested in the one you found, @shellac835! That is such an awesome deal! But I agree with @oldersis I would need guided instruction figuring out how to put it on! haha
  • I am looking into something for PP too, but most likely will go with leggings by either SRC recovery or Baobei maternity as they both also provide pelvic floor support. If you put pressure on the abs without supporting the PF, it can result in a pressure mis-match, and potentially lead to/worsen prolapse, which I already had after my first and definitely don't want to risk worsening this time around. Bellies Inc also makes the Ab tank that incorporates pelvic support, but i feel like it's a little too much for me!
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  • @failuretofly good to know! I like a lot of the stuff from bao bei.  And SRC seems super legit.  I'll have to keep these brands in mind!
  • Hey all, I just wanted to update you on the Blanqi leggings now that I've had my little.  They are not as supportive as I was hoping for.  They are extremely comfortable, but offer no compression.  It may be my size since the leggings still feel very large even though I ordered the smallest size. (not trying to say poor me, they are too big in the smallest size, just explaining my experience).  If you want support look into what @failuretofly mentioned.  
  • I also have a pair of Blanqi leggings, that I might have ordered a bit larger than needed, but I agree that supportive, they are not. They are a very thick 'tights' material. They are super opaque, but I dont think they'll be supportive even in a smaller size for me. Super comfortable though! 
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  • @jesrude @abcola Thanks for the honest review- good to know!
  • Thanks for the info ladies!

    I ended up ordering the Baobei Core support leggings - I will let everyone know how they feel once I get them and am actually postpartum lol
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  • I'm SO happy with my Baobei leggings! They provide just enough compression in all the right places without feeling constricting! They really helped support me with an unplanned outing to the grocery story yesterday at 3 days pp!
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