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I know we have an announcement thread but that tends to be a shorter type of deal and we don't comment. I want to hear your birth story! All the details! Induced? Barely made it? Long labor? Scheduled c-section? Tell us the nitty gritty about your miracle!

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  • Totally lurking....

    @thatlauragirl I'm so, so happy your rainbow is here and doing well! I'm sorry your birth was traumatic and you had to do some NICU time, I hope you're home soon. N16 still loves you  <3
    run along Pond...2015/12/10

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  • @kyrwyn i am sooo sorry you had such a rough time!!! I am going thru mine now and should have baby by tomorrow.  Your mom sounds like my MIL as she tried to start drama with SO as soon as we got here and he had to shut her down really quick and her final threat was "ill be so pissed if her mom got ti be there and i dont" *wye roll*. Glad you are home and enjoying baby cuddles i am sure that makes everything better!!!!! 
  • @kyrwynI am so sorry that you had such a rough start, and I am especially sorry about the way your mom is reacting to everything.  I am glad that you and baby are doing well- and what an amazing gift from your cousin.  I hope things start to look up with feeding for you.  I am inspired by your positive attitude- enjoy those baby snuggles!
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  • @ShyTonia Congrats! I think she looks like you. :)

    Married May 2014
    DD born August 2016
    Baby #2 due December 2017
  • @ShyTonia Awwww, congratulations!! Addie is just precious. So happy for you!
  • @ShyTonia Congrats, she's beautiful! Your story makes me a little less afraid of my up coming csection! Hope recovery is going well. 
  • @missbmama what a story, congratulations!
  • @ShyTonia Monday, the 18th :) 
  • **lurking from F17**

    Congratulations on your sweet rainbow baby @Amber_Waves I'm so happy for you. My best wishes and thoughts are with you as you welcome your baby to the world. ❤
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  • I had a membrane sweep at my appointment on Friday December 1st. This put me in the mindset and ready to have the baby. I had on and off contractions all weekend but none that stayed consistent. Did tons of walking and exercises. I worked from home that week because a colleague had her water break in the office that Friday and I thought one person going into labor at work was enough. Monday, Tuesday, on and off contractions until Wednesday afternoon. I started tracking consistently Wednesday around 5pm. I called in the reinforcements and my parents Carmen to stay with my 21mo just in case. Contractions were 5 minutes apart Wednesday around 9:30- we went to the hospital but the contractions slowed and they sent me back home (they anticipated seeing me soon). Around 2:30am when everyone was sleeping my contractions got back to 3-5 minutes apart and we’re starting to be unbearable. We went in and I wash 5cm dialated. They admitted me, gave me an epidural and broke my water. They put me on pitocin as well. Although the epidural helped a lot at first, the pressure was extreme around 845am. They called my OB in and it was pushing tome. Baby Julian was delivered at 9:22am. No tearing (although I tore with my first), I popped all the capillaries in my face (but no poop!). I was able to do skin to skin immediately for an hour. Recovery has been great and I am enjoying every second with this prince. He was born with a caphalohemotoma which was rather large, but it isn’t absorbing fast. Wishing you all well! 
  • **lurking from F17**  I was unsure where to comment, hope here is ok

    @Tennis11785 I've been peaking in to check on you. I hope all is well for you and baby girl. ❤
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  • Congratulations @Tennis11785 I'm so happy for you and your rainbow baby. I'm glad you are both doing well. Charlotte is a beautiful name! I'm sorry the induction didn't work out, but I'm sure holding your baby girl for the first time was such a wonderful feeling! 

    My best wishes again to you and the other former F17 ladies (and all the other mamas here). I hope this new part in your lives will be so full of joy and excitement. Big hugs to each of you and your sweet little ones.  <3
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  • @kswiger06 you are the sweetest!!! It means so much that you checked in on the former F17 members!  Wishing you all the best and please stay in touch!!!  <3<3
    About me:
    TTC#1: October 2015
    dx: PCOS & MFI
    IUI #1 w/Femara + Ovidrel June 2016 ~ BFP
    July 2016: Blighted Ovum
    IUI #2 w/Femara + Ovidrel September 2016 ~BFN
    IUI #3 w/Femara + Ovidrel October 2016 ~BFN
    IUI #4 w/Femara + Ovidrel November 2016 ~BFN
    IVF with ICSI January 2017 ~BFN
    FET February 2017 ~BFN
    IVF with ICSI March 2017 ~BFP--Twins Due 12/8/17
    Team Blue X 2!
  • beary67 said:
    @kswiger06 you are the sweetest!!! It means so much that you checked in on the former F17 members!  Wishing you all the best and please stay in touch!!!  <3<3
    Hey you got PM. @beary67
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  • LOVE these. 
    A strong contraction woke me up on 12/12 at 3:40am at 39+5. I hopped in the bath, started timing, and they were about 5 minutes apart. At 6, I woke hubby, packed our bags, and headed to the hospital after my mom came to watch DD. I get to the hospital, get checked, and am 4cm (ugh!).

    I walked around a lot and wasn't really progressing. Then, suddenly, I had this HORRIBLE pain, followed by a rush of nausea and I couldn't make it to the bathroom quickly enough. The nurse runs in, checks me, and I'm almost 9 cm, bulging waters. I legit went from 4cm to 9cm in a matter of 30 seconds. Strangest/most disturbing sensation of my life. 

    Anyway, I had to push but our nurse warned that if I did, I would rupture my cervix. I insisted, so My OB gave me two options: stadol or the epidural (at 9CM!). Because I'm not a fan of stadol, we settled on the epidural after the quickest-administered-fluids-ever. After, the doctor checked me and baby was moving down the birth canal. A few pushes later, she was born!

    HINDSIGHT: If you want to do unmedicated, be prepared to stand your ground. I didn't do a great job of that this time and ended up with the epidural. Although I'm disappointed, baby is healthy, which is all that really matters! 
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