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Progesterone shot

I'm 31 weeks and it seems like right before my shot each week, my Braxton Hicks/contractions/cramping start to pick up frequency and intensity. I've noticed this the last 3-4 weeks. For my last pregnancy, I didn't go into labor until 5 weeks after my last shot and I was overdue and almost had to be induced, so I was considering stopping them a little earlier this time, but this time with all this "activity" every time I'm due for my shot, I'm wondering if labor might be sooner after I quit my shot. I know no one has a crystal ball and can answer this, and only my doc and I can decide when to stop shots, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this and noticed more BH when it's almost shot time each week and/or when you went into labor after stopping your shots. Thanks.
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