Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Baby "only" taking 3-4 ounces at a time

Normal?? He is twelve weeks old today and gets six feeds per day - all Similac. I keep hearing about other babies this age taking much more. Even after sleeping from 6pm to 6am (I give him a dream feed at 11pm...), he still only wants 4 ounces when he wakes up. Am I worrying for nothing? 

Re: Baby "only" taking 3-4 ounces at a time

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    Sounds like plenty. If he needs more, he will take more. If you're really concerned, call your practitioner. 

    My my daughter sleeps 9-11 hours at night, and only lightly feeds in the morning. No big deal. She'll catch up when she needs to. 

    You want to be careful to not feed him too much. You can overfeed with a bottle because they don't have to work for it. Formula fed babies shouldn't get "chunky."

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