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Poor Suck After Tongue Tie Correction

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my daughter was gaining weight slow and had a shallow latch, so we got her tongue and lip ties corrected almost 2 weeks ago. Since then, it’s like she doesn’t know how to breastfeed anymore and has a really poor suck. She’s lost a significant amount of weight, though that seems to have stopped at this point, but I don’t know that she’s gaining anymore (we go to weigh her tomorrow). We’re working with an LC who is also an OT, so I know we are jn good hands, but just hoping to hear some success stories if anyone else has/is dealing with something similar.
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Re: Poor Suck After Tongue Tie Correction

  • I didn't have quite the same issue, but a little similar. I never had weight gain problems. 

    My daughter's suck was horrifically painful. I tried all sorts of things and the entire time I nursed, I'd be making minute adjustments up, down, diagonally, side to side, etc. to my hold, her angle of sucking, etc. to try to get it to not hurt. We had a lip and tongue tie clipped. It helped a little but not a lot. I used a nipple shield off and on. I used it for a couple days until the pain eased, went without it for a few days until the pain built back up, repeat.

    Nursing was important to me so I kept at it even though it was so so hard. The pain finally went away at about three months. It was worth it, in my opinion. 
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