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Birth Center of BR vs Women's

Hi! I'm a first time mom and am due in late May. I very much want to birth without an epidural. I love my doctor, Dr. Buchert, because she supports unmedicated births, but my concern is that I have a low chance of her actually being my doctor when I come to the hospital to have the baby. I'm also concerned about birthing unmedicated at the hospital because of all the bad things I've heard about having to stand up for yourself and all the annoying regulations they have there. I also toured the freestanding Birth Center of Baton Rouge, which is located less than a mile from Baton Rouge General and OLOL. The reasons I love the idea of birthing at the Birth Center are: it's less intimidating than a hospital setting, I will for sure have a midwife who supports "natural" birth, they have all the "equipment" to help make unmedicated birth easier (ball, tub, ceiling hammock thing, shower) and they give much more personal attention during labor because they only have 3 birthing women at a time.

Do any Baton Rouge Mamas have any advice for me? Has anyone here used the Birth Center? Has anyone here birthed unmedicated at Women's and how supported did you feel or did you feel like it was harder to do there?

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